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  1. Thank You for showing your interest on EXT-GWT mobile smartphone compatibility.

    I think Sencha team should look into this a priority basis if Sencha is really serious in mobile space to capture...
  2. Thank You Colin for your response.

    I have looked at the GWT AutoBeans example but was unable to clearly understand How we can leverage the GWT AutoBeans with POJO's on the server side to create a...
  3. Thank You Colin for your quick response and the clarification.

    This would be a big chunk of work for the users who want to migrate from GXT 2.2.x to GXT 3.x since there is no support for the...
  4. Thank You Colin for your response.

    For the properties accessor methods can we use the ValueProviderMarker annotation but this does not define the ModelKeyProvider. Does GXT 3.x provides any Marker...
  5. Thank You Sven for your response.I have looked at the example and it is really very basic. The example does not explain as How to use:1) Annotations on the POJO's to map the POJO properties on the...
  6. GXT development team any suggestions on the above query?
  7. Since we do not have the Bean Model or model related concept in 3.x so i was looking as What code changes need to be implemented in order to migrate our exisiting TreeStore created by GXT 2.2.3
  8. No issues with the rendering of the DualListField

    There was an issue with CSS override in my code.
  9. I am using GXT 2.2.3 and GWT 2.2.0

    I have a GXT Grid which displays large set of Data.

    I am using a GridCellRenderer to display a Button widget with an Icon image.

    On IE 8 when i use the...
  10. Is there a full featured WYSIWYG HTML (Rich Text) Editor for GXT.

    The current GXT HTMLEditorcomponent is very limited in features.

    I was looking for an WYSIWYG HTML Editor similar like...
  11. GXT Team,

    Does GXT development team has any plans to incorporate touch interface which can work on mobile and ipads in near future?

    Any ETA or timelines on the same.

    I know Sencha Touch...
  12. Thanks Sven for the response.

    When is the fix will be added to the public release? Is there any ETA as when the next public release will be available.

  13. It looks like there was a IE8 JavaScript issue specific on my machine.

    The HTMLEditor images are working now.

  14. In my situation i have set the Minvalue to be the current Date and with the upgrade to GXT 2.2.1 the validation is failing.
    The user wants to select the current date from the date picker but with...
  15. With Weblogic.

    In the FireFox which displays the HTMLEditor images correctly i also see the below calls are made to get the images from GXT folder which is included in my application was file. I...
  16. Below is what I see with the browser developer tool bars when i click the image.

    Displays correctly HTMLEditor image.(FireFox with Weblogic) (FireFox and IE8 with JBoss)

  17. In order to investigate further i have tried to deploy my application on JBOSS 4.2.3GA server and the images are displayed correctly.
    On the JBoss server the IE8 browser is fetching the images...
  18. What can be the reason after the upgrade IE8 is trying to fetch the HTMLEditor images from the /gxt/images/editor location and not from the caches.

  19. Hi Sven,

    I have investigated further and it looks like in IE8 browser my application is trying to fetch the images from the below path
  20. I am upgrading my application from GXT 2.0.1 with GWT 1.7 to GXT 2.2.1 with GWT 2.1.

    I have copied all the resources for GXT 2.2.1 such as (CSS and images).

    I have a HTMLEditor component...
  21. Sven,

    My apologies for the confusion with cookie logic.

    I got your logic that we can use the grid stateful feature and in that case we do not need to store the user specific grid state...
  22. Hi Sven,

    For each user i should create a uniqueId of the grid state and then store the uniqueId in the cookie.

    ForExample HashMap obj = new HashMap();
  23. I would like to persist the Grid configuration state information per user in a cookie.

    For example if the user selects one of the Grid Column to be ascending or hide one of the columns from the...
  24. With GXT 2.0.1 and GWT 1.7 my ComboBox Field binding to my Java enum object is working good.

    As soon as i upgraded to GXT 2.1.1 with GWT 1.7 my ComboBox field binding to my Java enum object does...
  25. Hi sven,

    In my FormPanel constructor i have used setHideMode(Styles.HideMode.OFFSETS) but it did not resolved my problem.

    I still see the validation icon stuck on the DateField.

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