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  1. Ext.create() do not applies inheritableStatics to the Ext classes.
    I see in the Ext code that the addInheritableStatics() is only called in case of Ext.extend or Ext.override(). Is this a bug or as...
  2. I too faced the issue. This is related to your ruby path only.

    Did you tried relaunching SA3.0 after you added ruby's bin folder to your PATH environment variable?
  3. Thanks Steve, removal of validParentTypes made it to work!
  4. Thanks Steve.

    If the version management shall not be available for the .xdc files, I tried to leverage the user extension versioning by creating my reusable components as user extensions(.aux)...
  5. For reusable top level containers, we need to export the components as .xdc file. These .xdc can be imported so as to reuse the components:!/guide/collaboration ...
  6. I came across this error.
    In my case, the data in the store was the source of error. I had my JSON data coming in wrong format.
  7. I tried with the CARD layout.
    But then, I need to put 2 items(one with Edit mode, other with non-edit mode) which means 2 objects. :(
  8. Yes I will try the card layout approach. Thanks.
  9. Thanks Slemmon for the reply.

    I am trying to put a feature wherein you can toggle between edit view and non-editable view.
    Mostly there would be a button/menu on Ext.form.Panel by which you can...
  10. I am finding it hard to find a way other than reloading the whole form again which would lead one more server trip :(
  11. I am using Ext.form.Panel as my container and it contains form fields as child items.

    After first rendering, on some external event I want to change rendering templates of form fields and rerender...
  12. Thanks Scott. That seems like a better approach.
  13. I have a small application using MVC architecture.

    I have a button that launches a window having a combobox(Ext.form.field.Combobox). Aim is to keep the combobox store loaded with data once the...
  14. Hi,

    I am using Ext.list.ListView to display tabular data(I am using listView as it is much lighter than GridPanel).
    I want to display a normal table structure with each row displaying a cell...
  15. Condor, thanks for the reply.

    Should I override the templates something like:

    initTemplates : function(){
    var ts = this.templates || {};
  16. Hi,
    I am using a grid with checkboxSelectionModel. Observed that when we try to click on the checkbox (with shift key pressed), it shows some text in the grid selected in Internet Explorer 8.0. It...
  17. Hi,

    Currently facing problem in IE for column header menu drop down button.
    In IE, when I row over any column header, the menu button appears at the last column.

    handleHdOver :...
  18. Replies
    Do the function always returning 4 ??

    sortTypes: function(value) {
    switch (value.toLowerCase()) {
    case'Low': ====> should it be 'low' here ?
    return 1;
    case'Medium': ...
  19. I am still observing the behavior. Observed that a new blank window opens when you use shift key and click on any menu list entry.

    Any inputs or anyone has observed this behavior earlier ?
  20. Hi,

    When I am trying to use the default Sort provided in the Column header drop down with shift key, a blank browser window opens.

    I tried debugging "handleHdMenuClick" and around it,...
  21. Replies

    I used the function sortData() function for multi-column sort at the Ext 2 thread:

    The function works fine for me in Ext 3, but it do...
  22. Replies
    Thanks Christian, Animal.
    Above sortData function works fine for me in Ext 3.0. Though the 'datachanged' event is generated my grid is not refreshing the sort data. My code:

  23. I am still facing the issue.
    Do I need to handle the decoding at the server side ? or I am missing anything here ?

  24. Still facing the problem.. do I need to handle this on server side ?
  25. Hi,
    I am using Ext.state.CookieProvider for tracking some of the client data.
    I am setting the data using:

    var myCookieProvider = new Ext.state.CookieProvider({name:"clientData"});
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