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    Are there any tools that people are using to test their ExtJS apps for accessibility? I'm not necessarily looking for unit testing, but more for 508 accessibility red flags/errors. I've scanned...
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    I am having the same problem (although with ext 4.2) but the line number it is referencing is the line where it is logging to the console. Very confusing.
  3. Hmmm neither of those options worked for me, but I'm in ExtJS 4.2 so maybe that's why. What I ended up doing was just duping the code for a pie series and creating my own class with modified math...
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    Did you ever get anywhere with this?
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    Currently the pie charts in ExtJs (4.2) start centered at the 3 o'clock position and are ordered in a counter-clockwise direction:

    For my application, I need them to start at the 12 o'clock...
  6. Did you ever get anywhere with this?
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    It is a config on the button. Not the menu.!/api/Ext.button.Button-cfg-menuAlign
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    I'm trying to get a menu to be aligned with the position 'tr-br' (the top-right corner of the menu should line up with the bottom-right corner of the button that shows the menu). But it's not...
  9. @ssamayoa, yeah this seems the way we are leaning towards going.
  10. hidden won't do, because then the content of the panel will still be rendered. And therefore it would be accessible (albeit via the console) to a sneaky user that knew how to inspect stores and...
  11. I have an application that I am building which will have some security on it. One idea I had was to have the panels say what permission level they need in order to show their content (which would...
  12. DatePickerPlus is overkill, and I don't want too many 3rd party things in my codebase. I got it to work, I should post what I did here so others might find it useful.
  13. THANK YOU!
  14. I am working on a project where I have a tab panel with no tabs, and then a button or two that when clicked create a tab in the tabpanel. The problem is that I also need to track when the tabs...
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    The examples on skirtle's site seem to apply to extjs 4.0.6/7, and do not work in the newer versions 4.1.x of extjs. Is there a solution for the newer versions?

  16. Is there a way to change the chart point from a point to an image? I just want to change one of the points though. (in this instance, the last one). Not sure where to look for that info. TIA.
  17. Basically yes. I wanted to be able to highlight different sets of days by using css classes.

    I ended up stealing code from the selectedUpdate function, and I pass it the info during the...
  18. I am looking for a way to apply a class to one or more dates in a datepicker on the screen. I have extended the Ext.picker.Date control into my own "myDatepicker" control, and have that appearing on...
  19. I got it to work with code like this. It's messy, but it'll do for now.

  20. It actually gets the 5th, 15th, and 25th. But you're pointing in the right direction. Thanks!
  21. Ah yes! That got it to work!! While playing with it a bit more, I noticed that as long as I gave it an id, I could use the original code you linked to, where it was calling

    var chartId =...
  22. If you're in chrome you can just hit control+shift+j to bring it up. In jsfiddle you won't be able to call Ext.stuff from the console though. You are correct though, I put in a 'console.log(this)'...
  23. You've been a great help so far, and I think we're almost there.

    I gave the chart a unique id, and now it almost works, except I get an error when trying to access the "storeItem".

    You can...
  24. What I'm saying is that with the jsfiddle I set up, you can see that while the first line of the code that gets the chartId works correctly, the second line that gets the chart object does not.

  25. Thanks for the link to that, it almost helped, but it doesn't seem to be working.

    In the code example he has:

    var chartId =;
    var chart = Ext.getCmp(chartId);
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