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  1. I have uploaded a non encrypted version of the class Ext.ux.windowVisualSQLQueryBuilder to use with the example install at

    I have no time for further development. So...
  2. Hi,

    Who wants to be a speaker and to talk about Ext JS (45 minute session) at the cfcamp ( )? The CFcamp is a web conference addicted to web development and coldfusion. This...
  3. @hendrisoni Looks verry good!
  4. @another_i It seems to be a obusfactor problem. The non obusfactored version is running fine with chrome. At the moment the public beta is obusfactored until I have made a decision wich license I...
  5. I have updated the youtube video and the working prototype at
  6. At you will find a first beta of a visual sql query builder plugin. It is possible to drag and drop tables to the left area and to define joins between the tables via...
  7. [SOLVED] Yes, it works. It's a path and only the right clicks on the path are captured.
  8. 35164

    I have developed an extjs based javascript visual sql query builder. At the moment it's a beta version and I want to add contextmenus to the join lines between the sql tables. What would be...
  9. @leprechaun Did you managed to code a drag&drop query builder like in access?
  10. My store uses idProperty but

    itemValue = records[i].get('id');

    inside ListMenu.js does not work with the idProperty attribute from the store. I see that it is a mistake to use this.dataIndex...
  11. My store uses idProperty but

    itemValue = records[i].get('id');

    inside ListMenu.js does not work with the idProperty attribute from the store. I see that it is a mistake to use this.dataIndex...

    This seems to be the problem. My store does not include the field id.

    This code would solve the...
  13. I have a paging grid with a listFilter. I can see the filter options as menu items. This works as expected but when I choose an filter option from the list, the tranfered json for the filter does...
  14. Move it to bugs because it only works with an override.
  15. The method alignElWithMouse() uses absolute and relative positioning.

    alignElWithMouse: function(el, iPageX, iPageY) {
    var oCoord = this.getTargetCoord(iPageX, iPageY),
  16. There is a strange behaviour with this code using ExtJS 4. After dragging the drag element inside the drop zone it is nearly impossible to drag the element back to its original position. It seems...
  17. Hi,

    does anybody has visited a Fast Track to Ext JS 4 Development course?

  18. Hi,

    has any body visited the official Fast Track to Ext JS 4 Development course? How is the quality of the course material? Do they teach real world examples?


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    I am getting mad while trying to add custom coloured icons to a toolbar button. I can't get it to work. I can't see my icons. Here is the code:

    I use a sass mixin to generate the css rules:

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    Believe me, I tried to contact the extjs company several times regarding training and a training partnership but I got no answer yet. (yes, Abraham, no answer yet).
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    does anybody has visited an official extjs training class and can recommend it? I want to know more about the X201-Fundamentals and X301-Advanced courses. e.g. Structure of the training...
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    I have a working list filter wich gets data from a store. The problem is that the menue does not collapse(close) when I select an option from the menu. I have to click elsewhere on the screen...
  23. Hi,

    I have a rendering problem with windows (not the OS ;-) and IE 7. In firefox everything works fine.

    When I want to show content inside an Ext.Window the window width is the same as my...
  24. After a while I found the solution. There is a private method called processEvent inside Ext.grid.GridPanel and there I got the hint for my solution.

    Simply use the contextmenu event and check if...
  25. I don't think that looking for the row count would work because it could happen that the row count of the grid is 3 and the mouse pointer is not positioned over a row. Or what did you mean?

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