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  1. Is it possible to publish ExtJS (ext-6.0.2-commercial) into my own private repository? I can see that sencha published all the public ExtJS releases to...
  2. Any progress with this bug? ExtJS 6.0.2 did not fix this. Can we expect a patch?
  3. BUMP.
    Can I get some answer about this?

    Can you check if ext-locale-en.js is up to date and complete? If so, we can use it as a base to add missing translations.[/QUOTE]
  4. Is there any chance you can create a template for localization file? From what I can tell, that's what happened in ExtJS 2.2:

    Can you check if ext-locale-en.js is up to date and complete? If...
  5. Sencha should stop boasting about having over 40 localizations. Just inspecting couple of them:

    * Polish Translations - Updated by mmar 16-November-2007
    * Afrikaans Translations - by Thys...
  6. This is great news. Finally. Too bad it took over 200 days, but anyways, I'm upgrading tomorrow!
  7. Any new informations on ExtJS 6.0.2 release date? It's been another month, we're still waiting to get our hands on fixes Sencha did back last year.
  8. Ext.form.field.FileButton missing accept attribute.
    Please, add that attribute so we can define what file types we allow to upload. Currently, only way to do that is to overwrite the template.
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    Thank you!
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    Can we get some changelogs for Sencha Cmd, specifically 6.1.0 ? I don't know if bugs affecting me were fixed and if I should upgrade.
  11. Sencha releases some patches as subscriber-only. With ExtJS 4.0 they released 4.0.0, 4.0.1, 4.0.7. Rest of the patches were subscriber-only. This allowed us to keep bumping the versions and have...
  12. I completely agree. Patches released months apart means that we're stuck with solved problems for couple months. We drown in overrides that we have to revise every time we update. Whole process...
  13. I've just tried on three separate computers, all with Windows 7 and Firefox 44 (all with firebug installed but turned off). Happens on all of them.

    Also, if you disable firebug in addons tab, it...
  14. Firefox 44 (with firebug)
    Windows 7

    On Chrome 48.0.2564.97 it's working correctly

    Titles on Panel's headers are clipped.

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    Are you saying this bug is known since 19 months, it's trivial to fix it (vide community workarounds), yet Sencha still won't fix it? Am I missing something?
  16. When is Ext JS 6.0.2 coming out? It's been 5 months already since last patch and we're waiting for all the fixes coming in 6.0.2. There's over 250 bugs listed in 6.0.2 nightly build release notes....
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    Every application, no matter size, shows this warning in console:

    [W] targetCls is missing. This may mean that getTargetEl() is being overridden but not applyTargetCls(). ext-comp-1009

  18. Running Sencha Cmd from phing causes error at Fashion/PhantomJS:
    Sencha Cmd (tried older, too)
    ExtJS 6.0.1

    steps to reproduce:
    1. sencha generate app -classic test test
    2. phing -f...
  19. I'm having problems configuring Sencha CMD to build a project using non-standard pathing.
    ExtJS 6.0.1
    Sencha Cmd 6.0.2

    This is my project structure:

    /www/index.php [application bootstrap,...
  20. ExtJS 6.0.1.
    It seems like Ext.form.field.ComboBox.valueNotFoundText is not working. Method applyValueNotFoundText is not used anywhere in the code.
  21. Polish translation is incomplete, it's missing many key parts, like validation messages and button labels.
    Translations are getting worse and worse with each Ext JS version, they're in this state...
  22. My Form.js file is in j/app/view/
    Bootstrap sets the appFolder to j/app

    Screenshot below.

  23. Autocompleting Class names and Widget names from Ext namespace does not work. Suggesting local classes, on the other hand, works.


    Project is not using Sencha CMD. ExtJS...
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    Installed Sencha Inspector Trial. When I click "Activate Later" on Licence Activation Screen I get message saying trial will expire in 29 days. After that, when I click "Start using Inspector", I'm...
  25. Grid's mask is interfering with collapsible panels ...
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