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  1. Sencha forums are good enough. Don't see much advantage in going to StackOverflow.
  2. Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Sencha Cmd
    Sencha Cmd
    Sencha Cmd
    Operating System:

    Mac OS X 10.10
    Framework used:
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    It is my experience that sometimes you have no option except to override privates; e.g. a bug in the framework until a fix is released, or something that just can't be made to work the way you need...
  4. Ext JS 5 has introduced which is "a store that is a 'view' of an existing store. The data comes from the source, however this view of the store may be sorted & filtered...
  5. I don't think the files you are using are full builds of the framework. Just stubs to bootstrap via module loading.

    Change your code to:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"...
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    I'm sure a separate zip-file download will come eventually.

    In the meantime its a great opportunity to try out JsDuck. Not only can it generate the documentation for Sencha's code; it can also add...
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    $ gem install --prerelease jsduck
    Successfully installed jsduck-6.0.0beta
    1 gem installed

    $ jsduck --builtin-classes --warnings=-no_doc,-no_doc_member...
  8. The workspace packages folder is usually used for your own code or theme packages, as well as any third party packages (e.g. Deft JS).

    The framework packages folder (ext/packages) is usually for...
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    I find it a lot easier to understand app.json while editing it with the comments. What is the practical benefit to removing the comments ?
  10. Deft JS 5 repository is now available on GitHub.

    Missing documentation, release notes, a packaged release and the ViewController...
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    Are you aware you can generate the API portion of the docs with ? Albeit missing the guides etc.

    If you want an example of how to do that reply and I'll post...
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    Nice! Very useful.
  13. Congratulations on an awesome release! Its great to see an official implementation.

    We would be happy to also see an official Sencha solution for Promises.

  14. Thanks for the mention!

    We do not have any commercial relationship with Sencha. They are good enough to listen to input from the community.

    Deft JS is not intended to compete with the Sencha...
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    Hey, Deft JS has a Promises/A+ compliant implementation for Sencha Ext JS and Touch.

    Deft JS is a community led effort available under the MIT license that enhances Ext JS and Sencha Touch’s APIs...
  16. The DaveJS library is a set of HAL and RESTful API extensions for Sencha Touch 2.0+ & Ext JS 4.1+. It includes a "hyper" proxy and store amongst other things.

    1.0 will be released on 18 July for...
  17. Any update on this issue ? Is it possible with the latest Sencha Cmd release ? This is vital functionality for being able to port a legacy ExtJS 3.x application to ExtJS 4.x and a Sencha...
  19. According to the styling guide included with the beta documentation there is a script that will "iterate through all .scss files in charts/resources/sass/chart-themes and...
  20. I can confirm that I see the same events listed for Touch Charts 2 as for 1 in the docs included with the Touch Charts 2 beta zip file.
  21. See the previous thread here where myself and others have gotten charts to work with module loading -
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    What a delightful surprise to find the SDK tools is a nodejs / ExtJS core application bundled in the command dir of the sencha touch download! Thanks to @jonnythedesigner 's instructions pointing me...
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    Thanks for posting this information! I didn't even think of checking the command dir, finding it is a nodejs/Extjs core application was a delightful surprise as I use nodejs a lot.

    To get the app...
  24. @hallikpapa

    Thanks for all the details. I have found dynamic loading with charts to be buggy and attached my minor patches to a previous post. This is probably why the bundled...
  25. Are you using dynamic module loading or the full builds of sencha touch and touch charts ? I.e. What scripts did you include exactly ?
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