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    A little UI enhancement: Override selectPrev() and selectNext() methods of ComboBox to enable scrolling the list continuously when pressing UP or DOWN.

    selectNext : function()
    var ct =...
  2. Just tried the example ( and could still drag the docked panels off the screen (top, left, right, bottom, both IE and FF). Was I looking at the...
  3. Great work!!

    Just tried the example, and found two minor issues.

    The panels are draggable when expanded. This is not a problem in IE but in Firefox there's a rendering issue.

    Example 1:...
  4. IMPRESSIVE or what!!!
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    Wish I saw this post yesterday!!! Took me 2 hours last night fiddling with and insert() methods without any luck. And finally I had to come to the same server approach (:|

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    This is impressive... Everytime ds has changed (with a ds.reload(params:params) command) the PagingToolbar shows the correct total number of items but not the page number (shown as NaN).

    A stupid...
  7. I tried the PagingMemoryProxy. It's cool. But I'm going back to HttpProxy()...

    Reason is I find the ds hard to manipulate, especially when adding new row or deleting rows.

    In particular,...
  8. Wow just checked out the multi-lang example and it's fantastic!! Can't wait to try it out.

    One question: can we implement "baseParams" to filter this local data set?
  9. But I thought this was the point of ext-all-debug.js? console.log() works perfectly in IE6 and I can't see why console.time() doesn't work.

    I knew I could just include firebugx.js to avoid this...
  10. console.time('test');

    // some code...

    console.timeEnd('test', true);
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    The themes seem to work mostly, with little adjustment here and there.

    The only thing that the themes don't apply is buttons - they don't register any theme stylesheets and just use ext-all.css...
  12. Hey Jack don't worry about it for now - you got more important things to worry about.

    I just tried doing this:

    var j = {"recordcount":3,"data":[{"category":"Computer...
  13. Thanks, Jack.

    I commented out the lines and still yield no results in the data store.

    I will try the server data as well - problem i have with that is it's not very flexible in terms of what i...
  14. I've been looking up the forums and trying for a few days but still can't get my JSON data to "go inside" data store. :cry:

    Here's the code:

    function populate(myData)
    var _PAGESIZE =...
  15. I didn't change ext-all.css or ythem-gray.css as they were already working.

    For the themes to work ext-all.css shoudl always be included. And upon an onchange event the selected stylesheet is...
  16. Thanks for correcting the typo.

    Interesting that it doesn't work for you because it is working for me now... (note that the bg color in the original css is commented out)
  17. My workaround is:

    In ytheme-aero:

    /* add bg image and remove bgcolor */
    /* background:#deecfd;...
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