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  1. take a look at this
  2. How can I put an image to the beginning the grouping text?
    I tried it putting the img tag, but the grid writes first a block of content with all grouping items and css styles and then the grid show...
  3. When the window height is larger than page heigth the windows is showed on position y < 0.
  4. nothing?
  5. The value in the record on that column is an string of values separated by ','.
    Then... to set the value in a combobox multiselect, this should be an array.

    Also, editing the record the values...
  6. when I click to edit the cell value, the combobox multiselect doesn't show the values selected.
    How can I solve this?
  7. How i can send the handler function from my php file?
  8. anybody knows if this extension will work on 3.3??
  9. karimchebani, how it solves the problem?
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