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  1. Been using EXTJS since it was in beta. This may be my first time going to the community for help.

    Issue: Combo boxes embedded in windows (with local stores) fail to reload after once selected,...
  2. Sorry... still a little lost. How do I reference the private field (without modifying the plugin source code)? Normally I would observe an onchange or blur event using the ID but I seem to have no...
  3. Here's the approach you are probably looking for:
  4. OK... I did the right thing and switched it to remote. Still would like to know easiest way to listen to seach field in order to know what was entered. Any ideas?
  5. I've recently created a grid component. The grid is set to "local" (though technically it's initially loading remotely from db). The following information would be useful to know:

    What the user...
  6. I take a little different approach but see if this helps:

    /*bug form start*/

    Bug.Form = Ext.extend(Ext.form.FormPanel, {
  7. Are you trying to "load" the grid's store when a tab changes or actually create a grid when a tab is selected?

    If the issue is the former:

    venStore.load({params:{start:0, limit:250}}); //or...
  8. Good article... well reasoned. Hate to be a broken record but you rock! Thanks for the clear samples (that I blatently lifted and patched together below ;) ). Since I sort of hijaacked this thread,...
  9. Sample looks good. I should have mentioned that I'm adding a gridpanel to a tabpanel inside a border layout. My issue may've been one of the order elements are being created. With that said, don't...
  10. A little different from what's discribed by medley but I also had an issue with the search field not rendering (in my case on an inactive tab). The solution was to change defferedRender to 'true'...
  11. Just a quick follow-up, IE7 doesn't like declaring the reader inline/nested the way I originally proposed. Simple solution is to create var first like:

    var reader = new{
  12. That sounds right. In fairness you were only off by 1 on the first comment as well ;) The two challenges were how to use grouping with JsonReader and then just figuring out where to put the code...
  13. Well, it doesn't appear to be a "couple lines" ;) but I appreciate the feedback. I did manage to get it to work.


    Example.Grid = Ext.extend(Ext.grid.GridPanel, { ...
  14. Up until this week I've been working in 1.1. This week I'm taking 2.0 for a test drive to evaluate wether to upgrade my current projects. Converting a sample grid to support grouping is throwing me a...
  15. I love it! I'm little late to the party but just a minor tweak is needed to preserve the ID (which may come in handy later):


    if(!{ = ||...
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    Try applying CSS to the DIV container. Something like...

    div#areaContainer {
    display: block;
    height: 100%;
    margin: 0px;
    overflow-x: auto;
    overflow-y: auto;
  17. (Sorry for hijaaking but hopefully this will save others some time)
    Note that the solution perscribed above appears to only work for local data stores. If you are retrieving from a database, the...
  18. Sorry... My bad. I should have read more carefully. Doesn't look like your JSON is formatted correctly. Should be:

    {success:true, data: [{"first":"Georgie", "Last":"Smith"}]}
  19. DIsclaimer: I'm fairly new to the EXTJS framework/JSON. Can you passively return a JSON array and have the fields intuitively extract their expected data? (or am I missing something in your code? )...
  20. I'm in the process of transitioning my old datagrids to EXTJS grids. I had a similliar issue and created the following function to convert an existing table and then extract the record ID, located in...
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    I realize this is an old post but as the question of tab order has appeared in subsequent posts, I believe the solution is "tabindex" (at least in 1.1)
    For example:

    var firstname= new...
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    I believe the good folks at EXTJS refer to tab order as "tabindex". Basically you have to manually apply it in the case of columns. For example:

    var firstname= new Ext.form.TextField({
  23. To follow-up for anyone with a similiar problem using dynamically spawned links with the dialog; based on Evant's feedback I added a small bit of code using "":

    return {
    init :...
  24. Fantastic! Your the best. I did some quick tests and it performs as promised :) Thanks again!
  25. Thanks a lot for your quick response!

    Can I assume that "grid" refers to ANY div with the id "Grid" and a.mylink refers to a link tag w/ classname of "mylink"? In otherwords, I can basically set...
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