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  1. Hi, does anyone know how to add an icon on the column header of a grid? I want to add an icon on a "Comments" column of my grid so that the user will notice that this are comments. Thanks! :)
  2. yeah.. tried it now and it works! Saved the value of beforeselect and compared it to the value after select for my condition. Thanks! :D
  3. Hi. How can I get the previous value of a combobox after I selected a new value? I tried to listen on the change event but the combobox has to be out of focus to fire the event. What I want is that,...
  4. troseberry:

    Yeah.. I thought of that also. Sure will try that. Thank you for this brilliant ideas! :)
  5. Thank you! I'll try this. This could be a great help! :D
  6. Hi. Does anyone know how to add icon in grid column's header? I have a column that's intended for comment counts and I want to add icon in the header so that the user will know that this column is...
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    Hi! I have a grid panel with two toolbar (top and bottom). I added radiogroup on each toolbar. I want to synchronize the value of the two radiogroup, such that when I changed the value of the top,...
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    Hi. I have a tabpanel and I add panel to this with grid as the content. I used autoLoad to load the grid. Now, my problem is that the grid is not loaded and I got this error message in firebug, 'Node...
  9. Below is part of the code. This is where I added the radio. The initial value of this.grid.toolbarLocationId is "top" where I set during the initial configuration of the grid which I used so that the...
  10. Hi. I have a grid and I put 2 toolbars, top and bottom. I added radiogroup as a toggle options in every toolbar so that my download links will not be redundant. The operation here is that when I...
  11. Hi. Just wondering why the calendar's width of the DateField extends up to the entire width of the page. It is ok on Firefox and IE. Anyone knows about it? That would be much appreciated. Thank You!
  12. thanks a lot! it solved my problem.. :D
  13. I already tried that but it gives an error saying that "row is undefined". Anyway, thanks for the help.
  14. I want to scroll down a grid to its last row loading data. I used mygrid.getView().focusRow(). It works but I wonder why it focus on the second to the last row and not on the last row which I wanted...
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    Hi everyone. Is it possible that one of the headers in my Grid is combobox rather than the usual text? Thanks!
  16. ah... ok. Great! Thank You for that. :D
  17. I have this grid with fixed width and height. So, as the data gets larger, these scrollbars will now appear. I just want to move the vertical scroll bar to the left so that the user will no longer...
  18. Thanks for the reply. Actually, I have nothing against on it. It's just that I need it in that way. Is there any possibilities? :)
  19. Hi everyone,.. I need some help here. Just wondering if it is possible to move the vertical scroll bar of the grid to the left? Usually or I think it's by default, it is positioned to the right.
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    Hi. Could someone tell me how to implement a Live Search having multiple selections? I've seen the example about Live Search but it only shows single select. Any help would be much appreciated....
  21. @amccarri: Thanks for this: grid.getView().refresh(true). Great!

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