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    Sorry, 4.1.1a broke other things so this one isnt at top of the worry list at the moment. Wont be looking at this till have renderers in tree + Geoext sorted out.
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    I too browsed this thread looking for a way to use a non-flash download. It turns out that the core of Ext.ux.exporter is actually just responsible for extracting the data from a grid / store in the...
  3. I havent heard a peep. As far as I can tell, there is simply no way to create the charts like this in Ext4 so stuck with v3.4. The alternative is hack the Ext4 code yourself and put the functionality...
  4. Not that I am aware of. Reverted to ExtJS 3.4.
  5. I just downloaded 4.1.1 and can confirm that it no longer breaks.
    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1.0

    Browser versions tested against:

    Google Chrome 20 (Windows)
    FF14 (firebug 1.10.0. installed) (Windows)
  7. We are using ExtJS 4.1. I will work up a test case that reproduces the error and post it.
  8. We have noticed this bug while developing some things for work. We have a grid panel which is being loaded dynamically based on information returned from a WFS call to a Geoserver instance. Changing...
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    I know this thread is a bit old now, but I thought I would post a way in which I got this to work (in the hope that it saves someone else some trouble). This was done using ExtJs 4.1, which changed...
  10. Thanks damo. The penny is slowly dropping. Since I am also using miframe (but in a cardLayout), I would really appreciate seeing your button class example.
  11. damo, thanks for your reply, but it goes to hub of the issue - tbi.getEl() is undefined till after rendering at which point tbi variable is defunct. Your code fragment fails because of this.
  12. I dont see how that would help on my first look. The issue is that right-click has to be registered on DOM element (created later). I cant see a way in which to get from that event handler to the...
  13. Behaviour is a button which loads an iframe on the page with a particular html content. All working fine. The problem is that I would like right-click functionality to open the html content in a...
  14. I am pretty interested in how to do this too!
  15. Now I have same problem too! Any answers?
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    I have the a MIF below a toolbar of menus. In IE, when a PDF is loaded into the mif, then the dropdown menus from the Ext toolbar are obscured by the pdf plugin. The pdf plugin ignores zindex that...
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    Many thanks. That does the trick. I hadnt thought of using the date trick in the setLocation.
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    When a Url is loaded into a mif panel, it fetches from cache if it has been loaded before - fair enough, normal browser behaviour. However, what I havent been able to find is a way to refresh to it...
  19. Some images to demostrate what I get:

    The upper image is with a sorter applied, the lower image is "out of the box" - the lower image is correctr
    representation of the data.
    What I...
  20. That works to show the graph correctly but the axis is still labelled incorrectly. Ie, say my depth axis is still labelled with 0 at bottom and maxdepth at the top regardless of the sort order....
  21. I should say a special thanks to evant - for your stirling help in helping me through some problems with this. It was most appreciated.
  22. Since I've got SOLR working now, I thought I would share the working code to save other people some time. This for ExtJ 3.3 but I have put possible Ext 4 code at bottom.
    I've got a simple text box...
  23. I have json returned from SOLR which looks like this:

    {"id":"location/a.html", "text":["whatever..."] },
    {"id":"location/b.html", "text":["whatever more..."] },...
  24. Thanks skirtle, but sadly no. Nothing comes up.
  25. Lots of posts on tips for tree nodes, but I just one tooltip for the whole tree (to remind the users to right click on nodes because there is useful context menu on it). How do you achieve this?
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