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  1. =D>
    Thank you very much for this extension. I'll try this very soon ;)
  2. Can we have a reply from the Ext team ? If it exist we can use it, else we have to do our own extension ... But please let us know clearly if we can use or not a formater in numberfield with extjs 4....
  3. I've searched again and again and i d'ont find where we can use Formatter with numberfield. Can someone explain what Animal said in the third post ?
  4. UP ?
  5. Sorry i'm not very good in english, what means "BUMP" ?

    Nobody have an answer about formating fields ?
  6. Hi, i'm sorry Animal but i don't see any way to add a formatter to the numberfield.
    Can you show me the property to use for this please ?

    If there's no way to do it simply maybe it exist an...
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