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  1. Why is that forum announcement link not available? Seems like there's some useful information hidden in that post :)
  2. I have an app using B3 that uses setStore on multiple lists and is making use of an ajax json reading proxy, no issues. I also have the PullRefresh and ListPaging plugin attached to those lists, not...
  3. Nice :)

    Would a formalized membership entice an itemized list? ;)

    Seriously though. Look at those smudges! Wipe your fingers guys!
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    I hope I get a +1 to "provided answers" for this one :)
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    Ok, found the problem....pullrefresh appends data when records are fresh, and all records are fresh without an identifier of sorts.

    Try adding a unique valued "id" field to your json, and in your...
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    Hey dude, I had this same problem.

    Make sure that you're setting a new store when you are trying for a fresh list, otherwise your "currentPage" iterator will persist.

    EDIT: Shoulda watched your...
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    I was needing to get this in place as well, and was checking out the build debug-all.js for B3, and looked at the Ext.dataview.element.Container definition (somewhere around line 57169)

  8. bump - I too am curious
  9. Motorola Bionic
  10. 2.3.4

    Beta 3 works fine on iPad as well (just throwing that out there)
  11. With grouped items in Ext.List, the pinHeaders does not act the same way on Android devices (tested on Bionic) as it did with the Beta 2 release. I watched it work in my desktop (Chrome) browser,...
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    Data Reader API doc - first basic example

    Note the config property for "rootProperty" is misspelled. Not a big deal, just thought you should know.
  13. Got it. Found this bit in the nightly. Hope it's ok to post here for others to make use of, if they need it.

    bindStore: function(newStore, oldStore) {
    if (oldStore) {
  14. Applied patch to my copy of sencha-touch-debug-all.js and received a "bindStore is not a method on that object". Working out of a copy that we don't have yet?
  15. After the list is rendered -- what event would we listen for that? Still on "refresh"?
  16. Try store.getProxy() and throwing that in the console to see if you're getting back just a nice and JSON object (or a class object). You should be able to see the properties / methods available for...
  17. That's really unfortunate, because it's causing a blocker on getting a working listpaging prototype working.
  18. Good to know, thanks. Now to solve the problem within the getTotal() extractor method not being recognized by the reader when trying to load the list.
  19. Using lists and AJAX proxies is a bit weak :) I could probably help out with that, as I got it working cleanly (with my AutoPagination plugin, and the applied fix for loading ptype aliased objects...
  20. In the factory: function(config, classReference, instance, aliasNamespace) { method, when you check for aliasNamespace, shouldn't the following be added?

    if (typeof config == 'string') {

    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.0.0 PR4

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chromium 15.x
  22. I was on an equal amount of sleep when I wrote that grammatical catastrophe of a post regarding your speech at Senchacon.

    Your speech was well done, and provided a good deal of insight that the...
  23. Sweet, thank you sir. Looking forward to trying it out.

    I finished you watching an introductory speech at Senchacon 2011 a few days ago, very insightful.
  24. Glad I could be of any assistance. I'll probably be doing a lot of development in SenchaTouch 2.0 in the next few months, so hopefully I can contribute more to the community than just something like...
  25. Greetings,

    I had quite a few issues getting the ListPaging plugin to work properly, and ended up refactoring the plugin so that it could work with 2.0 (it looked like it was referencing a lot of...
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