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    I have a gridPanel im my application using ExtJs 3.4.
    I scroll this grid and want to know how many rows was scrolled.
    Its possible?
    How i understand i gonna use bodyscroll listener but how to...
  2. I have a window what showed by button click:

    x = new Ext.Window({
    id: 'myWindow',
    layout: 'fit',
  3. I have a livegrid 0.61 plug in in my ExtJs 3.4.
    I added library in `liferay-portlet.xml` file:

  4. FormPanel:

    var zemform = new Ext.FormPanel({
    labelAlign: 'top',
    id: 'tab_2',
  5. Its my tab panel:

    var tabs = new Ext.TabPanel({
    activeTab: 0,
    bodyStyle:'padding:5px 5px 0',
  6. I have a store and dynamically change its URL.


    So if I change the URL, data in the store are going to change....
  7. Hi.
    Thare is TabPanel into FormPanel. When i use submit method i send values of fields to server. But i have a problem with field of tabs. If i not open some tabs i cant get field values from this...
  8. Thank you. Its look like what i need.
  9. Now its converted in another question: How to take data from store?
    I can take record from store: var record = store.getAt(i);
    But if i want to take fileds which have a same name from record i get...
  10. I want to create with several data sets. Using store like this:

    store_form = new
    url: url_servlet+"kadastr_zemform.jsp?ss="+<%=str%>,
    reader: new...
  11. When i use deferredRender:false, first tab shows normal but another tabs looks like this:
  12. i find solution
  13. There are several tabs on a FormPanel:40157


    var podform = new Ext.FormPanel({
    labelAlign: 'left',
    id: 'tab_6',
  14. I have a lot of fields, i delete its from code make it look more simplest. And i dont understand i do all like in this example but not works. This error on client side. Please look at it...
  15. I have a store and FormPanel. I want to send data from formPanel to server:

    var store_form=null;
    store_form = new{
  16. Thank you its works.
  17. Thank you)
  18. I have a store and FormPanel. And i want to show data from store in panel.
    If i do this:

    var store_form=null;
    store_form = new{
  19. var record = store.getAt(rowIndex);

    Its work.

    What do you think about this?

  20. I get error:

    TypeError: podform.setValues is not a function

    And in FormPanel API i dont see a setValue() function. Whats wrong?


    My bad right syntax is...
  21. I have a form.Panel in which I show some data. I receive the data as XML from the server and load it directly into the fields using
  22. Im dumb
  23. I have a Ext.FormPanel with textfielda and i want to show data in this fields. In sencha site i see a example how to do this ....
  24. I have a jsp with ExtJs application. I click a button and new window appers . In this window i want to show forms from another jsp. Its mean that i want:
    1 Send parametrs to jsp.
    2 Fill a forms...
  25. Im thy to upload file to server and send parametrs. But i have two problems.
    1 Cant send parametr. I do:

    handler: function(){
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