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    My S.O. is Windows Vista, I bought developer license;

    The problem still continuing, missing 5 days for expired trial license.

    What can I do about it ?
  2. Aaron,

    I am using Windows Vista, and for me the problem about register are continuing without solved. I got to use the Ext Designer but my worry is after 11 days, when expired trial license.
  3. I had in my work a proxy network; but in my house I haven´t proxy, how I use my personal notebook for work, I think to register in my house, after this I could work in my company without problem....
  4. OK, I remove my proxy, I received updating many times; and It´s continuing stopped.

    I selected Get Key, I was redirect to screen for login again; but nothing happen. It´s freeze.

  5. I also have been problem in login; what can I do about it ?

    I am network proxy.

    Eduardo Motton
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