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  1. Need an X11 server to run 'sencha create jsb'?

    I'm trying to follow the instructions in!/guide/getting_started

    When I run 'sencha create jsb' it requires that I configure an X11 server:

  2. Same problem + no success with the sencha minifier

    I'm having the same problem (load times of 4 or 5 seconds after moving to the recommended file structure).

    I'm trying to follow those instructions (in...
  3. Data not included in POST? Would prefer in params.

    I'm struggling with my first application, trying to get the gridEdit feature to work. I load the data fine, but when I do the edit, my submit URL is posted to, but I don't see the actual data. I'd...
  4. Cool thanks. Read now works, but update doesn't generate a call.

    Thanks for the quick reply. That fixed the read problem, now is there something I'm doing wrong to get the update URL called?
  5. Newbie - my get and update URLS called via ajax proxy aren't working

    I'm writing my first app, and trying to get a basic read and update interface working via ajax proxy. I haven't yet found how to get either the read or update url called at all. Here's what I've got...
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    This works. Thanks!
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    Simply trying to right-align a column

    As a beginner, the simple task of trying to right-align the numbers in a column is eluding me:

    The numbers appear left aligned.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.


  8. Thanks!

    This works just like I need. Thank you so much.
  9. How to invoke a renderer on a displayfield xtype

    I'm new to ExtJS and, working in a team environment where someone else wrote the code I'm trying to modify, I find myself wanting to call the currency formatter ( Ext.util.Format.currency(value, '$...
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