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  1. I hate to ask stupid questions but I can't seem...

    I hate to ask stupid questions but I can't seem to get the value of the ComboBox. From the code below I only get the "label" part, I dont get the "value" part.

    new Ext.form.ComboBox({
  2. getting onchange of the ComboBox 'change' vs. 'select'

    I'm trying to use the Ext.form.ComboBox element to replace a select box but the ComboBox doesn't seem to provide the same level of event handling. That being on the old 'select' box in html I would...
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    paging toolbar?

    Wow, this works great! but it doesn't seem to update the paging toolbar. I have used this extension to add in memory paging of datasets down to 20 rows per page. When loading 1000+ rows It...
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