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    disabled textfield text color IE8

    Hi all,

    First off, I have read MANY CSS forum posts, but none of them seem to be addressing my specific issue.

    I am having an issue where I can't seem to make the text in a disabled textfield a...
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    [OPEN] New way to do JsonStore that communicates with server

    I use JsonStore objects extensively in my development but I am not seeing where they exist in the latest v4 release of ExtJS. In ExtJS 3.x version I could do the following:

    var custStore =...
  3. ExtJS v4 documentation: Navigating to documentation

    I think I am missing something with the new documentation because I can't find something simple. I am actively working at implementing a Gauge Chart and am employing the (which...
  4. Sorry I didn't see this thread sooner. ...

    Sorry I didn't see this thread sooner.

    jlrengel, you can find many tutorials on how to use RPG + ExtJS on IBM i at the site (click the Articles navigation link).

    Hope that...
  5. Ext.TextField.setValue() not working when invoked from key event listener

    I have a weird issue that MIGHT be a bug, but I will post it here in help in case I am just not seeing something. I have the following application example that displays a EditorGridPanel within a...
  6. Immediately edit cell once EditorGridPanel is displayed

    I have the below grid panel (which exists in an Ext.Window) and I would like to place the cursor in the first cell of the first row when gpTape is first rendered. But no matter what I do I can't...
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    That fixed it! Thanks jgarcia. ...

    That fixed it! Thanks jgarcia.
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    Ext.getCmp for JsonStore is "undefined"

    Hi All,

    I need to gain access to a store and load it in a dynamic fashion. Normally something like


    would work just fine, but it is not and instead comes up...
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    firefoxSafari, The following code accomplished...


    The following code accomplished exactly what I needed:

    Ext.getCmp('vpCenter').body.scrollTo('top', 0)

    It now scrolls to the top.

    Thanks guys,
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    Scroll to top of panel

    Hi All,

    I have tried a number of solutions from these forums but can't seem to get my situation to work.

    I have an application where I show and hide panels within a tabbed panel, and...
  11. - SenchaTouch + OpenRPGUI

    Hi All,

    I did my first flirting with Sencha Touch and put together a lightweight chat application. I wrote an article about it that can be found at the following URL:...
  12. How interesting! I am in need of something...

    How interesting! I am in need of something similar. Before I had my tabPanel defined in a ViewPort I was able to scroll to the top using this:


    ... so hopefully that helps you. ...
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    winklerd, you hit it right on the head. Here is...

    winklerd, you hit it right on the head. Here is how I now configure my button:

    var pnl1 = new Ext.FormPanel({
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    Extend button to have metadata

    I am trying to learn how to do my first user extension. My need is that I want to store metadata values with the declaration of a button in an Ext.FormPanel. The specific scenario of metadata...
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    Here is how cellTop is defined: .cellTop {...

    Here is how cellTop is defined:

    vertical-align: top;
    padding:2px 2px 2px 2px;
    }Removing the cellCls property fixed the issue! I am guessing this is what Condor was alluding...
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    ComboBox dropdown placement

    I have a weird issue happening. I have a ComboBox defined, and when I click to expand it, the drop down portion shows in the very left/top portion of the browser window - looks like it is getting...
  17. Condor, I am using CheckColumn and your code...


    I am using CheckColumn and your code worked perfectly. I saw the getStore() function in the docs but thought it wouldn't apply because I wasn't aware that ExtJS applied the user changes...
  18. Iterate through all Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel entries

    I would like to iterate through all rows within a Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel so I can obtain which checkboxes in a particular column have, or have not, been selected. I am needing to iterate through...
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    JSONStore and multidimensional response

    I was curious to know how others have processed multidimensional JSON responses from the server.

    I currently have the following JSON response:

    "PERSON_LIST": [
  20. My goodness do I feel stupid. Thanks for the...

    My goodness do I feel stupid. Thanks for the quick response. It is now working. The difference from my previous implementation of this is that I was only passing back a single entry in each array...
  21. ComboBox with JsonStore not displaying text of entries but entries exist

    I am using ExtJS 3.2.1 and am having an issue when populating Ext.form.ComboBox with a The JsonStore receives the data from the server fine and without error, but when I click...
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