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  1. @Ding-Jun: The documentation is under Ext.chart.label at!/api/Ext.chart.Label

    If label.display is "outside", the label.calloutLine config is used.
  2. Pie chart callouts have been added to ExtJS 4.2.2 which was recently released.
  3. The issue was fixed and it should be part of the next 4.2.x release.
  4. @tigran: The issue is fixed. It should be part of the next 4.2.x release, probably before the end of the month. In the meanwhile, there is a simple workaround: declare an invisible axis:

  5. This issue was fixed and it should be part of the next 4.2.x release.
    Thanks for reporting it.
  6. The issue was closed as Won't Fix, like the related EXTJSIV-9997.

    The 'afterrender' event is described at!/api/Ext.chart.series.Series:
  7. Two obsolete APIs were removed:

    Ext.chart.axis.Category.categoryNames is replaced with setLabels().
    Ext.chart.axis.Category.calculateCategoryCount doesn't really apply anymore because some...
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    1,967 I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve because the test case doesn't contain the actual data. However, I agree, the API can be confusing. Look at the code example below where the data...
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    Duplicate of EXTJSIV-6249 that was fixed on 22/Aug/2012 and shipped in 4.1.2 or 4.1.3
  10. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  11. @Qtx: I tested with 4.2 but the fix is still valid. I checked under all 4 themes (Accessibility, Classic, Grey, Neptune) to make sure the CSS was correct too.

    Have you updated your button handler?...
  12. Here is a solution that's not as simple as using the missing 'reverse' config but it works in ExtJS 4.2.
    It consists in...
    - Providing a convert() function in the model that returns negative...
  13. In extjs/src/util/Floating.js, function toFront(), do:
    me.focus(false, false);
    instead of:
    me.focus(false, true);

    The fix did not make it into 4.1.3 for lack of testing, so please use...
  14. Sorry, it was a mistake. The fix did not make it into 4.1.3.
  15. The bug number that was assigned to this issue is EXTJSIV-6879.
    Please provide a test case and we will reopen the bug.
  16. This bug report was closed as Incomplete because after 2 requests, the customer still did not provide a test case nor additional explanations.

    It looks like the chart is drawn using an unstacked...
  17. @jjerome The 'fill' config was always required. You can verify it by downloading 4.0.7 from and opening examples/charts/Mixed.html: if you...
  18. @london_lawyer: The bug was marked "fixed" because the only functional test case was incorrect and has been fixed. Five other users in addition to yourself have reported an issue but they did not...
  19. Five users (Dev.init, RFman, matiou, vasily_87, ynov) have not provided a complete test case and the issue could not be reproduced, so there is nothing we can do for them. The fix proposed by user...
  20. @nightwatch - Please attach some sample code so we can investigate...
  21. The test case is invalid. The code shouldn't be:

    but instead...
  22. The problem is in the sample code, not in the framework. By calling this.up('form').getForm().getFields(), you collect an array of all the individual fields that are sent back by the form. A field...
  23. You are correct, it was a bit confusing. The code won't change but the documentation will be clarified:
    The CSS class(es) added to the component's main element when it is in the checked state....
  24. A fix will be available in 4.1.2. For those of you who have access to the code, the fix is at

    Thans you for the detailed bug report and the test case.
  25. leon_tang,

    A fix is ready and it will be available in 4.1.2. Column charts can now be bound to both the left and bottom axes when they are both numerical.

    I don't know if you have access to the...
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