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  1. How to load the tree panel tree store with Ajax response json.

    i can load it locally , i.e. if i have the json file locally available then i can load it through configured proxy by using...
  2. Hi ,

    Please check the attached screen shot of the error , ill separately send my project on the following id. at


    Image 2
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    Hi ,

    Please check the attached screen shot of the error , ill separately send my project on the following id. at


  4. I have faced the same architect crash issue several times, you can refer to my other link also ( ).

    Though i have a backup with me...
  5. Hi,

    I just changed the width of some of the columns in grid panel and saved my project , Architect suddenly crashed and i lost all my work here. It deletes the views file in the metadata folder ,...
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    yes i do have a backup xda with me. but that is too old , ill have to unnecessarily work again on some of the screens and stores and models.

    I can reproduce the issue with above steps , i did it...
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    REQUIRED INFORMATIONArchitect Build tested:

    Build: 676
    Project Type:

    ExtJS 4.x

    My application was a heavy application with 4 screens and around 100 containers with various...
  8. how to give the percentage width config for container and panels in ExtJS ??? sencha touch allows for the same whereas i am not able to give the height/width in percentage with respect to parent...
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    Thanks for the reply,

    But here i am getting the data from the remote machine. where i can only call a method through Ext.Ajax.request and then i can execute that API inside Ajax request which in...
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    Hi ,

    How to add a data to a json store if my data is coming from a back end AJAX call.

    my store is as follows .

    Ext.define('', { extend: '',
  11. Rather than adding it in initialize function you can change the docked property of the button / lable whatever you want to add.

    see my working code.

    var UserLogo = {
  12. Hi mitchell,

    In Grid Component if i want to apply a background color for the entire row or group of rows then how can i do this ?

    can you please give me some pointers here.

    Thanks in advance...
  13. If i add the class component in views and later on i come to know that the class is no more needed then i have to delete it.
  14. by going to the inspector , right click respective class name and then delete menu option.

  15. Hi,

    Can you please reply to this,

    I am in urgent need of it.

    Thanks in advance
  16. Hey i solved this.

    actually this can be said as a bug in architect. unless i make the container as a initial view it wont get created and hence it was giving as undefined.

    anyways now it is...
  17. I want to design a app with main Panel having card layout, so that i can move around the pages.

    but when i do this with Ext.getCmp(<containerId>), it gives me undefined.

    Please help.

    my code...
  18. Hi mitchell,

    One more thing.
    now if i make the grid horizontally scrollable by making the container horizontally scrollable then it shows only 2 columns and rest of the columns are not...
  19. can you test it on the android emulator ?

    it might give some error logs to you also.

  20. Hey Thanks a lot man.

    It really helped me, Thanks again

  21. It should work for android 2.x

    the backward compatibility is always given. check for some other errors,

    I have a application built for API level 16 and still i can run it in emulator which has...
  22. Hi,

    if i insert the class component in my application and then later on delete it from views, it does not get deleted from the views of the application.

    I can still see the class in the...
  23. Hi,

    I can use this Grid component only in card layout. what about the vbox or hbox layout ?

    when i try to display the grid in one of the panel in vbox layout , it shows nothing just a blank...
  24. Yes my store has the rootProperty config set to 'data'.
    following is the code for the store.

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

    requires: [
  25. Hi,

    I need a favor ,

    how to write the click event on row for the grid component you provided.

    I need to fire the click event and pass the data to the next page.

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