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  1. Hallo
    thank you for the reply: it sounds really a good approach to me!
    Thank you once again for pointing me to Cammarata's component.
    Have a nice day

  2. Hallo
    I'm dealing with a nested JSON like this (fictitious):

    { "items": [
    "ProductName": "screwdrivers set",
    "items": [
  3. Hallo Kev thank you a lot for the deep reply.
  4. Does an associated store support filter and filterBy?

    I'm dealing with a MainStore whose records have an associated store Products; I bind a list to Products of 1st record:
  5. I answer myself - pieces of the answer were somewhere in the Sencha docs.
    When setting an idProperty: 'idFieldName' in the model, each record of associated store automatically gets a reference to...
  6. I totally agree, and actually I did thank you in my first reply.
    Another thank for revealing of those private methods and beyond.

    The use of id? Just for keeping the code sample short.

  7. Hallo, thank you for replying.Your code relies on a "getPhonePicker" which I don't find in the docs.BTW, you pointed in the right direction by using the event "pick":
    in the view:

    { xtype:...
  8. Hallo
    I'm implementing a selectfield like this:

    { xtype: 'selectfield'
    , label: 'Format'
    , valueField: 'text'
  9. The issue was in selecting components.
    The list selection Ext.ComponentQuery.query('#PriceList') seemed to return the right item when logged to the console, but actually it needed an array index:...
  10. Is it a recommended practice?
  11. Found in docs:

    Ext.application({ viewport: { layout: 'vbox' },
  12. Hallo
    I'm writing an app made up of several "pages" (a sort of master-details-detail, with lists and forms.)

    They share a common toolbar, which report the sum total of selected items.
  13. I solved implementing a nested JSON hence using hierarchical store and models associations, thanks.
  14. Thank you, but if I use iconCls = "cart", it is blank.
  15. Hallo Mitchell and thank you for your continuous support.
    It is not a layout issue, since the list gets populated fine when bound to a "normal" simple store via configuration.

    Could it be a...
  16. Hallo
    In a hasMany relationship between two models, given a "child" store, how can I get a reference to the "parent" record?

    I have no foreign key in the child record, so I cannot build a...
  17. Replies
    I have big lacks about scope.

    I'm referring to a controller like the following one, I changed some components names to make them understandable to english-speaking:

  18. Hallo
    I'm noticing that only some icons are appearing with the following code:

    { xtype: 'toolbar'
    , title: 'Price list'
    , docked: 'top'
  19. Hallo
    I need to fill a list with items from an associated store.

    PricelistList is bound to ProductsStore store, which is populated in this way:
    the store PricelistStore gets loaded from AJAX
  20. Hallo
    I have the following situation:
    - Store A loaded from a nested JSON, with a structure like:
    tier 1: pricelist
    tier 2: assembled products
    tier 3: assembled products or parts
    tier 4: parts...
  21. thank you
  22. Hallo, given two separated JSON stores whose models are in an association, is there any shortcut to reference items within store "B" which are associated to a given item in store "A"?

    I'm not...
  23. Hallo
    I have a hasMany association between RecipeModel and IngredientModel, named "ingredients".
    User can choose a recipe and put it in the cart, and then customizes the recipe removing ingredients...
  24. hallo numbskull and thank you for replying. I'll try the recipe similarity, to keep things simple and deblur my post. Let's say i have these:

    children = ingredients
    parents = recipes
    The flow:...
  25. Hallo, I'm thinking about the best sustainable way for this flow:
    given a set of child items, parent items are known combinations of them;
    screen1: list of parent items, selectable: selected...
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