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  1. I've yet to get the PhoneGap 0.9.4 code from github (next on my todo list), but I thought I'd mention a handy little tool I ran across (and had not seen mentioned anywhere here): Ripple - it...
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    Does anyone have any experience running and ExtJS web app/site through a Microsoft Forefront UAG server? If so, were there any set-up needed that was peculiar to ExtJS?
  3. amazing how I always manage to find a solution after I post to the forums here. for the record:

    changed it to autoLoad:true and provided the data in the definition (slightly altered) and it works...
  4. I'm having trouble figuring out why my store with a memory proxy is not loading exactly the same as my store with an ajax proxy. Both are loading the same data and using the same model, but the...
  5. basically, I've got a card inside a card and the innermost card needs to behave differently whether or not it is visible (if it's visible, it takes action 'Z' - otherwise, it waits until it becomes...
  6. cool - follow-up question: does my needing it make you think I might be doing something wrong?

  7. is there a reason that the "isVisible()" method on a component doesn't accept and pass on the "deep" parameter?

  8. Thank you Art. That is the type of reply for which I was hoping.

    That is the basic approach that we are taking with our application. The bit of the layout I was asking about is itself such...
  9. I would have very much appreciated help, but you didn't seem to be offering help just the condescension you always provide in nearly every post I've ever seen from you (and by the way just because...
  10. Nice bit of condescension, Animal. You are well and truly a credit to the community. Now if you don't have something useful to contribute, please f*ck off.
  11. I'm bumping up against the limits imposed by the forum on image dimensions - I didn't expect you to really be able to read, just get an idea of the complexity of the screen

    here's another attempt:
  12. the bit with the red box around it is what I'm working on right now
  13. I am implementing a very complex panel layout, complex enough that using "nested" Ext layouts to get the required appearance results in very poor performance (by nested I mean 'table' layouts...
  14. Thanks scipio, that was very helpful
  15. I've just start playing around with Air, so please bare with me. I have a fairly large application that already runs pretty well on the browser (better on some browsers than others.)

    In my first...
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    I've put this post on the Premium support forum
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    I am in the process of migrating from 2.2.1 to 3.0.0 and have been able to fix all of the issues I've come across, except for this: I have an Accordion layout in which the items are not collapsing...
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    has anyone ever figured out a reasonable way to do this?
  19. yes
  20. I did a quick search and didn't see anything related:

    the alert box is not displaying properly in IE (7.0) - see attached
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    I've figured out a way around this using an Ext.util.Observable wrapped in a Singleton. This is pretty much what I was ultimately looking for so it really doesn't matter, but I am still curious as...
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    Background: I have an application with a Viewport that contains 3 Panels. One of those Panels is a 'navigation' panel that contains NavigationImageButtons (my own extension of Ext.Button). I've...
  23. Thanks for the response. I think I pulled the trigger early when I posted this: shortly afterward I was continuing to look around for info on this topic and came across quite a bit on Observable,...
  24. I've been working seriously on learning Ext JS for about a week now and it's mostly coming together pretty well for me. But I'm a bit stuck on figuring out how to pass events around (or, perhaps,...
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