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  1. For example:

    var p = window.plugins.pushNotification;
    function (error) { },
    { "badge": "true",...
  2. I’m having problems implementing global Direct exception listeners thrown from .NET.

    Here is my .NET code:

    public void getStocks(object parameters)
  3. Have you tried adding the followings?

    requires: [

    Mine doesn't complain about 'Browser' of undefined, but it just...
  4. Following your url (!/guide/cordova-section-developing-a-cordova-or-phonegap-app), I did the followings

    Before Creating an App : #1~#7
    Developing a Cordova...
  5. 1. I Used Sencha cmd 4.0 (for Windows) to create a testing project under c:\inetput\wwwroot\SenchaTouch\TestApp with touch-docs-2.3.0 library. My workstation is Windows 7.

    2. From Chrome:...
  6. Yes, it is on IIS.
  7. I investigated on the store and found no data with my grid on IE. But, it had property number of rows of data for Chrome.

    If I removed hasMany section of the first model (AppCode), the grid would...
  8. I had some testing code to implement a nested grid (or Grid-in-grid), with using Ext.ux.grid.plugin.AssociationRowExpander, along with

    It worked on my local machine...
  9. Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to implement:

    selType: 'checkboxmodel',
  10. I haven't tried the way you suggested. However the code below is what I came up and it worked, though it heavily relies on javascript. What I am not sure is that, when I perform CRUD operations...
  11. I am using checkcolumn in a grid. I can disable the whole column as below

    columns :
    xtype: 'checkcolumn',
    disabled: true //false
  12. Replies
    I got some sample class which was based on 4.1.3.

    When I loaded onto 4.2.0 environment, it doesn't work for IE8. Not recognizing "Ext....". But, it somehow works for Chrome.

    When I...
  13. That seems to work. Thanks!
  14. I tried 'vbox' instead of 'fit', but it didn't show anything.

    I also tried by removing the first two children which just have html text and only keeping the grid panel (, height:...
  15. Thanks for getting on this quickly. Here is the main code.

    Also, I removed an unnecessary line above "renderTo: 'container'"

    launch: function () {
  16. I have a grid where I set width and height in percentages for the grid (not the columns). As I stretch my IE (IE-8) browser, the width gets adjusted accordingly. However, it doesn't appear the...
  17. I have built an application by referencing sencha-touch .js and sencha-touch .css from index.html and the application has standard Sencha's MVC model.

    I wonder that, if the application was not...
  18. Figured it out.

    Have these in the controller and launch it within launch function


    launch: function ()
  19. I have been using Ext.Direct.addProvider in ExtJs 4. For example: Ext.Direct.addProvider(Remote.CaseHandler); I normally place it in a controller .js (in a MVC framework).

    I recently got it...
  20. I just tried. It worked for both 'afterRender' and 'afterrender' from listerners (which is a non-MVC way). I need to find a solution in MVC way. Thanks in advance.
  21. Do you have a solution for that? I ran into this issue now. Thanks
  22. I can capture a key [Enter] event from a form (under view) in MVC as follows.

    Ext.define('SC.view.case_search.AdvSearchPopup', {
    extend: 'Ext.window.Window',
    alias :...
  23. Replies
    Hi. I had the same problem. To circumvent the issue for now, I would like to get any radiofield event. I wonder how you could trigger a "uncheck" radio button event.

  24. I reviewed this post.

    It is essentially doing what I did. But, mine doesn't work.
  25. Can someone tell me why radiofield event is not triggered in Extjs4 MVC?

    I tried:
    'viewport > casesearch > radiofield'
    'viewport > casesearch radiofield'

    I also tried the line...
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