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  1. I just started seeing the same thing on my MacBook (with the built-in trackpad) when using the default "Automatically based on mouse or trackpad" scrollbars system pref.

    It's a pretty ugly / bad...
  2. Perfectly expressed - just got bit by this ourselves and could not agree more.
  3. Hi -

    (Happy to post a fiddle when fiddle is updated with 5.1.2)

    Ran into an issue updating from 5.1.1 to 5.1.2 with TreeStores and trackRemoved:false. Setting trackRemoved:false causes the...
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    Raphael - if you see this, I'm curious where you landed with this problem. We had the same issue (serious memory leaks due to long-lived stored that are often refreshed) and ended up using this...
  5. This one shows up in the release notes for 5.1.2 but is not marked as fixed at the top of this thread. Could this post be updated if it is indeed confirmed fully fixed?
  6. It would be great if 5.1.2 were available in the Fiddle at launch... still not there, which makes quickly checking the status of this bug report difficult.
  7. We saw this one as well. As per this doc adding overflow-y:hidden to the body prevents this behavior. We added the following:

    body.x-android {
    overflow-y: hidden;

    And it appears to...
  8. Ext version tested:

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 39
    DOCTYPE tested against:

  9. Thanks very much themightychris - really appreciated the workaround.
  10. Thanks very much for posting. So there IS a requirement to generate/copy appropriate images for different UIs. This is honestly the first I've heard of it, although I could have missed something.

  11. Just got bit by this as well.

    The cmd docs on using sencha app upgrade -ext should note this serious limitation - that you will always get a watermarked trial version. If you are just reading...
  12. Thanks, @MRMV - appreciate the quick pointer. This is documented in the SASS vars section of Ext.view.Table.

    I agree with many on this thread re. the grid cell focus styling in particular. We have...
  13. I was running into this same "failed to render widgets" on build issue with cmd and some theme packages that I had created with an older version of cmd (5.0.x).

    I generated a new package...
  14. Agree - same here. Any info would be appreciated. The huge stack-trace-style warning messages on the builds are not confidence-inspiring. We would like to be sure we have a clean build.

  15. Hi -

    Thanks for the quick post and the working download - much appreciated!

    Also don't mean to turn this thread into a discussion of focusable, but I was thrown off by the "What's new" guide...
  16. I'm caught out by this as well. Specifically I want to review the docs on the new focusable property and understand how to get that working the way we need across all the different components.
  17. Hi -

    With an editable combobox, I would like to be able to delete any existing value with the keyboard, then tab out of the field and have the field set to null value (cleared). This would be...
  18. I'm assuming you have your grid configured with a grouping feature, right?Grid grouping seems to have some bugs in 5.0.0, one of which is that the grid does not like to start ungrouped then group...
  19. Still seeing this bug in ExtJS5 - should it be re-filed in the 5.x bugs forum, or is this open ticket mean that it's still being worked on generally?
  20. Update against the GA release of the framework:Behavior is still broken, but broken differently.

    Now attempts to regroup the store programmatically via will re-order the records in...
  21. Great, thanks.FWIW I had posted an override that resolved the issue for me, which you swapped out for the fiddle test. No worries from me, just wanted to make that clear in case someone reading my...
  22. Ext version tested:



    When setting a custom toolbar UI as defined in a theme, the UI classes are properly applied to the toolbar, but not to the nested text items....
  23. Ext version tested: Ext

    Browser versions tested against: Chrome via Sencha Fiddle

    DOCTYPE tested against: Strict


    Take a grid with the grouping feature and an...
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    You are probably running into the bug I reported @ According to this...
  25. Thanks for checking it out and the quick reply!
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