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  2. Since this is open since November. I'll just note that this issue is fairly pervasive as checks on take place in the already mentioned code as well as Menu.js, MessageBox.js, Select.js...
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    I saw you post and the moderators "answer" pissed me off just enough that I wanted to look into this for you. Well it turn out the package code hasnt been ported to Linux yet so I wasn;t able to do a...
  4. I have customers that are seeing this as well. I have just reproduced this on the Sencha, production deployment of the kitchen sink app using an Android emulator running api15. And the initial...
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    REQUIRED INFORMATION Ext version tested:

    Touch 2 RC


    In the Touch 2 Release Candidate the Ext.Map.getMapOptions() function
    is overridden so that rather than an Google...
  6. If your working with beta3, the functionality to hide the address bar is broken. With yesterdays release of the release candidate; however, you can now add the configuration element

  7. I did a little more investigation into this today. The inability to zoom on the Android browser doesn't seem to have anything to do with the html layout of the map control as reproducing that layout...
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    from my experience, iframes tend to be a poor option and cause interminable trouble. First they display differently on all the browsers I test with - Android, Safari, Chrome. Add to that additional...
  9. I've been working with the examples/map demo in sencha-touch-2 (pr2) and I notice that the zoom control works fine when I test in Chrome. However, when I switch over to the default Android 2.3...
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