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  1. Hi there!

    I'm using Sencha Architect 2.1

    I have an Store and a Ext.Container with a template, but how can I render the data in the store using the container and the template?

    I created a 1...
  2. Hi there!
    I have this code in version sencha touch 1.1, how to make it works in Version 2?

  3. thanks!
  4. Thanks for your answer!

    Separated by commas didn't work. Take a look of the code:

    this.getImageDetalle().down('#imageDetailCanvas, #superiorNavDetalle, #detalleEntryUser, ...
  5. Hi there!
    Just letting you know that the font code in Sencha Architect is too small for me. I would like to change the size, any idea how to do that? I couldn't find it
  6. In case some one is looking for an answer, this is what worked for me:


    Ext.define('app.controller.mainController', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
  7. mainView is a Ext.Panel, but the code is an example of what i want to achieve, it doesn't work. What I want to do is this: var main = this.getMain();
    I want to use "this" on the Ext scope in order...
  8. Kapoc thanks for your answer!
    Indeed you answer is the one I was looking for. Unfortunately I ran into another problem because the function expect some parameters like:

  9. Hi there!

    I have a Store that calls a JSON file that contain some Lat,Lng markers from google maps. I want to trigger an action within a controller when I tab on the marker on the map. The...
  10. Hi! thanks for your time!

    I'm selecting a single element called "detalleItemDescription" in Sencha Touch 2 like this:

  11. Hi! thanks for your time

    I created some markers in a google map, and now I want to activate a container when the marker is "tab"

    google.maps.event.addListener(marker, "click", function() {...
  12. How? code please!
  13. Hi! thanks for your time

    In your kitchensink example you have this:

    items: [
    text: 'Slide Left',
    id: 'SlideLeft',
  14. Hi! thanks for your time!
    Looking at the example you provided in the kitchensink you have this:

    text: 'Slide Right',
    card: false,
  15. I know what you are talking about, it is kind of frustrating because you expect simple things like for instance the problem when you are using a Map wrapped on a Panel and then you pinch on the MAP...
  16. Hi!

    In case someone is looking for the GeoTweets app done with Google maps Markers (Infowindow) and the Twitter API in Sencha Touch 2 using Sencha Architect that I made, here is the screencast in...
  17. Hi! do you have any idea why is not working what you suggested? Thanks!
  18. Hi Mitchell!
    Thanks for your answer, unfortunately I'm using Sencha Designer and in there getStore() does not work :( in the way you suggested.
    Please watch this (3min) video where you can see the...
  19. I have an application made in Sencha Touch 2 that uses a Google Map. The map is going to display the position of several markers loaded from a JSON file with an Store. My question is, how can I read...
  20. Awesome! thanks Aaron.
    By The way, the what is ?breakpoint use for? that is for what?
  21. Thank Aaron! good information!... and when you say an "override" do you mean something like this?:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.override.detalleMapa', {
    requires: 'MyApp.view.detalleMapa'
  22. I'm using Sencha Designer and the Ext.Map. Every time that I want to change the mapOptions, the editor Sencha Designer change the object to a string. Here you can see the problem:
  23. Hi there!
    I have been using Sencha Designer to create Sencha Touch 2 projects. I use Chrome for testing and now I want to breakpointing some of my code, how can I do that? Every time I refresh the...
  24. Thanks!
  25. Hello!
    I was following the video tutorial "Getting Started with Sencha Touch 2" that is based in the Building your First App.

    I really think there is a BUG in Sencha...
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