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    Yes, i agree...

    but in its use case, he used an 'id' property..

    so answered according it
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    for this following :
    xtype : 'fieldset',
    id : 'firstSet',
    title : 'old Title'
    maybe i didn't understand :-?, but did u try a simply

    Ext.getCmp ('firstSet').setTitle ('new title');
  3. Hi,

    My need : redefine a BorderLayout in the A object (that extends GridPanel)
    Why : we created some objects (widely used) that extends GridPanel, and our code widely use/call some properties,...
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    In the latest version 3.1.1 of ExtJS ColumnModel, the destroy is the following :

    destroy : function(){
    for(var i = 0, len = this.config.length; i < len; i++){
  5. No one to help me ? please...
  6. Hi,

    how can i override Ext.lib.Event.doRemove () in the ext-base.js file ? (without overriding the whole Ext.lib.Event definition)
    If we cannot, why prefering declare Ext.lib.Event as a function...
  7. Hi,

    i have a bug on my 3.1, in TreeEventModel...
    this.lastOverNode.ui is null

    Searched myself, did a little hotfix, but after, found

  8. Hi,

    1. Draduc suggested hotfix : Suggested resolution: hide the menu before the handler is executed
    First i found this solution, but when your menu has to stay open, u don't have to decide to...
  9. Okay guy...
    So, i'll wait for the 3.1 release, expecting this problem will disappear, otherwise i'll post a complete testcase.

    Thanks for your support

  10. re-used ?
    don't agree with u.
    Be sure i do some tests (and some code reviews) before posting here
    My test case is the following :
    Show a grid, open the column menu, then destroy the grid : 23 DOM...
  11. so ?
    no fix available ? neither in 3.1 ?
  12. Hi,

    when clicking on the column menu, this create a menu and lots of DOM elements.
    When hide this menu, and when i destroy the gridPanel, these DOM elements are still here.

    Any idea ? I would...
  13. Hi,

    found a memory leak using DatePicker (seen with IE6 & IE8).
    After some code checking, i saw that 2 attributes were used :

    - this.prevRepeater,

    - this.nextRepeater
  14. Problem still remaining...
    if i set the scope, still memory leak detected under sIEve.
    if i remove the 'scope : this' setting, no more memory leak in sIEve

    Any idea ?
  15. Hi,

    I see something that boring me :

    When using create delegate in an action handler, when destroying toolbar, i see that not all are release (sIEve testing)
    var anAction = new Ext.Action({
  16. Animal,

    your first override :

    getPositionEl: Ext.BoxComponent.prototype.getPositionEl,

    break Grid Columns Menus (error JS)

    juste to notice you
  17. Animal,

    If u've some other hot bugfixes like this one, i'll be happy if u want to share these with me (and other people must be interested in any bugfixes)

    Thzanks a lot..!!

  18. Sorry, i missed 1st line where u declare tagStart...

    Thanks for your perfect bugfix !!! Nice job... i searched problem, and tried couple of hours today before asking on forum...
    Do u think this...
  19. Yes...
    How my JS code can know 'tagStart' ?
    with a 'test' function ?
    I searched under EXTJS source files, no tagStart found...
    This is defined in your code, or you're using another API that...
  20. I tried, but JS error on undefined 'tagStart'
  21. hi,

    I found a memory leak in the Component.onRender method (with IE, using sIEve).

    Ext.override(Ext.Component, {
    onRender : function(ct, position){
    if(!this.el && this.autoEl){...
  22. I Didn't tested on a full Ext 3 Environment
    My environment is a Ext2.2 (because lot of work with this version, and not enough time to migrate EXT 3) with some EXT 3 overrides 8-| (like Checkbox,...
  23. I found too this problem..

    I solved it like this :

    1. give access to Group from checkbox (and radio)

    Ext.override(Ext.form.Checkbox, {
    // Allow to retrieve the group container, if...
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