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  1. Architect 3.2 Framework: Build tools not installed.

    Installed Sencha Architect and it reports under the Project Settings -> Framework that the Build Tools: are not installed.
    Under Preferences -> Dependencies it report that all dependencies...
  2. Thread: Extjs 5.0

    by rioscb

    What about Architect and ExtJs 5?

    What about Architect and ExtJs 5? It seems to me that this would be done in parallel.
    Will it be in Architect 3 or are you going to do it in Architect 4 as a separate license?
  3. [INFOREQ] Version: 2.2.1 Build: 951 Release Channel: 2.2.1-stable

    Has anyone seen and understand this error?
    Added menu to toolbar.
    Added a split button to toolbar.
    moved menu to toolbar
    Got the error below.

    Version: 2.2.1 Build: 951
    Release Channel:...
  4. Replies

    Designer Documentation Source

    Is there a way to configure the documentation location? I have local URL for documentation and would like to have documentation access when I am offline.
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