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  1. [INFOREQ] Locking Grid - javascript error on state restore

    In classic 6.0.1 (& 6.0.2 Nightly): When the state for a locking grid is restored and a new column was added since the state was saved, a javascript error is raised. The error comes from...
  2. [FIXED] Date FIeld picker collapses when month picker selected (IE11) - Build

    The date field picker collapses when the month picker selected. This only happens in IE when the field is in a modal window and the tooltip is showing.

    Using the following fiddle...
  3. [FIXED] You are correct in that it is fixed in some...

    You are correct in that it is fixed in some circumstances. I'm specifically using the date field in a modal window and the problem still exists. The issue seems to be linked to having a tooltip on...
  4. [FIXED] Not fixed in

    I have just tested for this bug in the nightly build and it is not fixed.
  5. [DUP] Date field picker collapses in IE when clicking to get month picker 5.1.0. beta

    When clicking to get the month picker in a date field using IE (any version 8-11), the picker collapses during the animation of showing the month picker. I have tested in 5.1.0 beta builds 47 & 50. ...
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    Temporary Fix

    I have worked around this problem by changing a few lines in the applyColumnState of Lockable. The issues are Ext.Array.toMap is being called with a mixed collection instead of an Array and...
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