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  1. [INFOREQ] Thanks - I worked it out

    Thanks for the post which inspired me to examine my code deeper.
    I was trying to get different svg images via a tab panel and it works now once I extended the draw component rather than extending a...
  2. [INFOREQ] When adding a sprite to a surface show() or show(true) does not work

    REQUIRED INFORMATIONTouch 2.1.0b3Browser versions tested against:

    chrome 21 and android 2.3

    When adding a sprite to to a surface as a config object it does not display but will...
  3. scrollable to false worked for me

    Thanks for the tip it was driving me nuts
  4. I got this error when I tried out rc 2.0.1 and...

    I got this error when I tried out rc 2.0.1 and Build beta2 to hopefully solve a different builder error

    I then changed the system back to 2.0 and still get this error - I tried deleting the...
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    Still stuck

    This is the screen I get now it just hangs here. I have read a bunch of forum posts and believe I have a good config file

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    Change the \ to /

    That happened to me and it turned out that I had to change this part
    "sdkPath":"C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk",
    "sdkPath":"C:/Program Files/Android/android-sdk",

    It fails on JSONLint...
  7. [FIXED] Error Message Still Misleading

    First thanks for pointing me in the right direction after scratching my head looking at misspelled file names.

    However the error message is still the same in the standard release 2.0.0

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    A Classic

    Funniest reply I have read in ages
  9. What worked

    Just as a last post in case anyone else lost the plot while working through the MVC example

    In order to use the store after it had loaded I needed to add a listener to the store which is...
  10. Yea Thanks, I missed the load event on the store...

    Yea Thanks, I missed the load event on the store and was assuming that the controller onLaunch function would not fire until the store load had been completed but it does. This caused no end of...
  11. Thank you for your reply I think you have...

    Thank you for your reply

    I think you have answered what is actually happening and I guess that is the problem.

    I have basically a simple MVC app which calls the viewport which has a border...
  12. Confused about how or when a store is loaded

    I am using the draw component and need to render a bunch of sprites onto the surface.

    The information for all this is to be loaded into a store which will contain models which in turn contain the...
  13. Using the MVC

    I had this problem and using this thread plus the MVC example it turned out to be forgetting to add the model to the controller definition :- missing code in red - simple but I missed it so thanks...
  14. The dash array does work

    Hey thanks that does work. I did actually try it but I got the syntax incorrect and then could not find any reference to it in the documentation on paths so figured that it was not implemented since...
  15. Any movement on this?

    I really need the line type so I can use the dasharray for a dotted line I need.

    At the moment I have to use the path and draw everyone manually - this gets hard work when I have 24 dashes on a...
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