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  1. How to access store's last request query string parameters ?

    How do I get the final parameters of the existing data store. I will request to convert query string the parameters to another window.

    This process could be performed extjs 3 with...
  2. [FIXED] The same problem is here. // load...

    The same problem is here.

    // load form from grid record

    // Bind combo value
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    allowBlank property is missing

    Minor addition for me.

    //LINE 55:
    allowBlank: true,
  4. Poll: ..and a screenshot

    Kebab WebOS desktop screenshot is here.

    Main Desktop Application manages Profile and feedback applications.

    Best regards.
  5. Poll: Oh thanks :) Please review our project.


    I implement the EventBusManager (Kebab.kernel.EventBusManager) class for our open source project. Please visit and review our structure and EventBusManager usage.

    Project name is Kebab...
  6. Poll: Thanks theluk

    Thank you for your suggestion theluk. I tried this solution but I can not run. What's the latest on this issue ?

    Best regards.
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    Nice extension. Congratulations. Thanks for...

    Nice extension. Congratulations.
    Thanks for sharing.

    We wrote a smilar extjs 3.x extension for kebab project. (
    If you want to use, you can look this link:...
  8. Ext JS & ZF & Doctrine integrated another WebOS Kebab Project v1.5.0.beta1 released

    Hi Ext JS Lovers,

    The Kebab Project team is pleased to announce the first beta released of Kebab Project 1.5.0, v1.5.0.beta1. It is immediately downloadable from the Github.

    Github Link:...
  9. I'm not found EditorTreeGrid component. Could you help me find?

    I can not find this feature as a component extjs 3.x. Could you help?
    I want to editing treegrid rows like editorGridPanel.

    I want to this link:...
  10. Multiple delete records on one ajax request at RESTful grid & store

    Hi everyone,

    We try to develop RESTful grid (

    Our problem is when we want to delete multiple rows, checkbox selection model and...
  11. H?mm. I have a remote combobox. Ajax request is...

    H?mm. I have a remote combobox. Ajax request is disconnected when I want to reset it.Is it possible?
    Because ajax request is throw exception, I can't fill the comboox again.

    Note: This is that...
  12. How can I find or access the EXT Ccomponent to make last AJAX request?

    How can I find or access the EXT Component to make last AJAX request?

    1- remote combobox ajax request
    2- ajax request exception
    3- ext getCmp(ID), ID ?? Ajax request return this ID ? maybe...
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