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  1. Not possible?

    Not possible?
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  3. How do I make a combo _always_ show in a grid even if the property is empty

    I haven't found documentation that helps me with this. I have a SimpleComboBox which is used as an editor for a property; I want the combo to show even if the property contains no value. Right now...
  4. [CLOSED] Ah indeed this was the problem -- thanks. Am I...

    Ah indeed this was the problem -- thanks.

    Am I missing documentation that describes this? I see now that the Javadoc alludes to it, but it was easy to miss.
  5. [CLOSED] ComboBox editor with selection in grid doesn't show other items

    Setup. Note that an existing "mapping" is added to the store, and four options are added to the combo. When I click the combo on the record with the existing "mapping" only that one value ("likely...
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  7. How do I get clientheight of a panel before rendering it? (Alt: max-height w/ scroll)

    I have a Grid inside a ContentPanel. I want the ContentPanel to expand in height to a certain point before forcing the Grid to scroll; if I set the height of the ContentPanel, it will render at that...
  8. Grid w/ inline editing not updating my model objects

    I've made a grid with a single column containing a string, having based my code on For some reason the model objects are never updated...
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