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    Auto Sizing Dialogs

    Here is the best way I could come up with to automatically size my dialogs so that they all come up initially sized to exactly fit (just surround) their content:

    public abstract class...
  2. workaround

    here's what I did as a workaround...

    public class HorizontalButtonBar extends LayoutContainer {
    private Button[] buttons;
    private static final BUTTON_BAR_SPACING = 10

  3. Shouldn't it work just like this works...

    Shouldn't it work just like this works (below).... which works fine.

    public class HorizontalButtonBar extends HorizontalPanel {

    public HorizontalButtonBar(Button[] buttons) {
  4. RowLayout(Orientation.HORIZONTAL) not calculating height correctly

    The following should show a horizontal array of buttons, but for some reason the height ends up being zero. I think RowLayout (horizontal) may have a bug so that it only renders right (nonzero...
  5. BIRT it is.

    Arno, thanks for the info. We have the need to run reports on the back end (at scheduled times) even when there are no logged in users, so anything involving a browser won't work for us,...
  6. or BIRT... but we wanted consistency.

    Thanks Arno. We are aware of JFreeChart. So let me clarify our exact situation (choice).

    We are currently planning to use BIRT charting engine however (available here...
  7. Charts able to be rendered on backend only?

    We are implementing (at CA) a web app that needs to display charts in the browser as well as generate reports on the back end, even perhaps when no users (browsers) are even logged on. So we are...
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