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  1. Is this issue resolved or not ? I am facing the...

    Is this issue resolved or not ?
    I am facing the same problem.
  2. Legend is cutting the axis of line chart

    While positioning my legend on top left corner of my chart...legend is obstructing with left axis of line chart.
    screenshot is attached

    legend : {
    borderColor : 'white',...
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    Can we use Hbox into ToolTip ?

    As per my requirement, I have to organize my data into tooltip of donut chart.
    Therefore,Can I include a HBox into the tooltip. Please help on this matter
  4. Row-over css in Tree panel not working

    when I move the mouse over the rows of my tree panel..Lines of the tree panel gets highlighted.But I want to disable that feature and make my panel constant when mouse hovers over it.
    Please help...
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