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  1. Hey folks,

    I managed to port this to ExtJS 4.2+

    Its still work in progress, and I would love to see others contribute, since I am in desperate need of this component for 4.2 ;-)

    The basic...
  2. Should this work with ExtJS 4.2.1?

    Button is displayed weird when calling the example. See image.

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    Works fine for me in 4.2.1
  4. Has anyone made any progress on getting this to work with 4.2.*?
  5. Ok, I have found a solution.

    Although it is a remote store, I simply have set the data config, with one value, my desired default-value.
    Together with the value config option, it now selects my...
  6. Same problem here.
    Large amount of data (40.000+), paging enabled.

    I have the required value for displayField and valueField, and I have found no way to set this as the default value.

  7. Is someone using this with Ext 4.0.7 and icons?
    I tried a lot of things, but I can't manage to adjust the height of the single tabs so that standard icons aren't truncated at the bottom.
  8. Hi Steffen, Cologne here! ;-)

    I also tried to establish a user group for this area, but nobody responded...

    But I am highly interested in an user group here!
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    Scorpie, can you post your code again? Looks completely messed up...
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    Hey guys. We're in the middle migrating our app to Ext 3.x, I'll have a look into this in the next days.
    Will update the first post afterwards, thanks for your help, Scorpie
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    My company is currently developing the phlexible CMS. It's not released official yet, but already in production, even with fairly large projects.
    Based on ExtJS and Zend Framework, completely...
  12. With the interested guys from our company and you we would already have 4 persons ;-)
  13. Any ext-users from cologne here that would be interested in a ExtJS UG in cologne?

    2h to Frankfurt is a bit too much for a normal weekday ;-)
  14. Then - what's the point in having a half working email vtype anyway? Either it works out of the box, or it can be left out.

    I know, matching valid email adresses is a hard topic, but I guess the...
  15. And we have two valid TLDs with 6 chars now - .travel and .museum
  16. Looks like this is still not fixed in 2.3.0 and 3.0.0
  17. *bump*

    This is still not fixed in 2.3.0.
    Don't know if this is fixed in 3.0.0.
  18. Nope, same error.
  19. Hmm I'm fighting with the same problem right now, but with ext 2.2.1

    Tried the "(el && Ext.isGecko && === '[object XULElement]')" version, but I'm still getting...
  20. Btw, same problem with FF 3.5 and Ext 2.2.1 here, too. And the try/catch solve works the same way...
  21. Nice - is this Ext 3 only, or does it work with 2.2.1, too?
  22. I'd like to try your Timecode Field, but I can't seem to find the used Ext.ux.InputTextMask - can you give me a link?
  23. Nice idea.

    It would be cool if the word-parts could be translated... We are using the german locales. Don't know, maybe these words are already present in the locales...
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    hi mike, thanks for your effort.

    was kinda busy the last days, but i'll open a new thread soon (i hope tomorrow), with a new version. will send you a PM when it's there.
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    Very nice! Got it works fine with 2.2 here.
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