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  1. How can I turn this:
    <div id="ext-comp-1095" class=" x-button">
    <span class="x-button-label" id="ext-gen1322">HELLO</span>

    into this:
    <div class="wrapper">
    <div id="ext-comp-1095"...
  2. ~o)
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    This is really not cool! ~o)
  4. I really need my prepareData function to work! ~o)

    Any hints in how to pass this problem. I really need to be finishing up my app soon. :-?
  5. The same thing is happening when using a data view...

    Any workarounds? ~o)
  6. Works now! Thank you!~o)
  7. What is the preferred way to include other/UX files to a sencha touch 2 app.

    In app.js I have:

    'Ext': '../touch/src',
    'MyApp': 'app',
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    This UX works perfectly! Thanks!

    What is the preferred way to include these files in my app?~o)

    In app.js I have:

    'Ext': '../touch/src',
    'MyApp': 'app',
  9. Thank you so much! :D

    Little strange that my code works before it is built with Sencha Cmd? Is it not?

    I will start using this way of sending config, I guess I'm laggin from Sencha 1.1.
  10. I have a problem. To explain my problem:

    var panel = new MyApp.view.Test({foo:'bar'});
    and in my Test.initialize function I do this:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.Test', { extend: 'Ext.Panel',
  11. You must make an "app" out of your "web" site. I dont think one can access the camera just from a webpage.. security issues..
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    Setting a Ext.List to-> scroll: false, messes up the preventSelectionOnDisclose setting. ~o)
    Any thoughts?
  14. ...but only webkit will work though...
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    I had this problem with my HTC Desire HD, Android, HTC Sense.
    Solved it not having scroll and setting in my manifest, on the activity: android:windowSoftInputMode="adjustPan" :-?
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    Best way to listen to "beforecheck" on a checkbox?

    Scenario: I have a checkbox which prompt a confirm dialogue. "Confirm" should trigger the "unchecking" of the checkbox, "Cancel(non-confirm)"...
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    new Ext.Button({
    text: 'CLICK',
    handler: function(){
    location.href = ""
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    Also if I were to remove all but one, the label in the bottom is wrong...
  19. Unstable charts...

    If I refresh(F5) the example in a small(phone like) browser size, the labels are messed up. A larger browser size will just cut the column.
    When I pan horizontally,...
  20. Using this panzoom in the Column example messes up the labels:

    interactions: [{
    type: 'panzoom',
    axes: {
    bottom: {
    startZoom: 5,
    startPan: 2,
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    I have some buttons manipulating the store which is used in my POC chart. If I remove the year 2008(which has the lowest value) the other columns show wrong "height".

    What am I doing wrong here?
  22. Problem: I wanted to detect click on markers in the map using ST. Since "click" is never fired, I used "mousedown". This was not a good enough solution, because then the user could not "scroll"...
  23. My model, mapped to the form, has a validator for only numbers on one of the fields. This field is a Ext.form.Number field.

    If I enter "2" and blur, "2" is the current value, then enter "84B"...
  24. My model, mapped to the form has a validator for only numbers on a field. If I enter "2" and blur, then enter "255B" and click my submit button, the value "2" is submitted... I want to turn off this...
  25. When a text field has focus, and the parent panel(fullscreen) has vertical scroll enabled(lets say I have a panel->formpanel), the fields position is not updated. It will overlap the other fields.
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