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    I have a major problem with styling GXT3 in general which I try to explain with an example:

    Let's say I have a BorderLayoutContainer and I want to change the background color. What I did is´:

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    I'm in the process to evaluate GXT3 for a customer's new project but I have to say I'm quite frustrated since it seems to be the case that there is no (openly) available documentation for GXT3...
  3. I like the approach with the custom render method! Is there any examples how to deal with custom render methods?

    Thanks for your answers so far!
  4. To have a simple example: Imagine the tree is supposed to represent a file system and the leafs only show the current file name. How could I determine if the click was fired on a node (representing a...
  5. I tried exactly this and all I got is the value of the leaf.

    Is there any way to access further information about the leaf the event has been fired on?
  6. Is there any way to handle Click/DoubleClick Events on Tree leafs?
  7. Hi folks,

    I'm new to GXT and wanted to try the tutorial as you can find it prominently on the Sencha GXT web site.

    As far as I can tell...
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