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    Hello Animal,

    I have tried your code, and it worked well when I paste it to replace code in examples/array-grid.js.

    Now I am trying to use your code in my program.
    The button (which titled as...
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    It's solved now for me. I set the xAxis to become TimeAxis instead of the previous one: CategoryAxis. I also defined minimum and maximum config.

    I don't know whether those configs must be defined...
  3. That bug's already solved now :-)

    Here is the explanation:
    I have a function counting average as a field for my json, and as we know average result usually including comma.
    I found the language...
  4. Hello all,

    Currently I'm working with linechart.
    The linechart works well, I mean loading data from json and then displaying graphics, while it runs under weblogic server. But when I move them to...
  5. Hello all,

    I have a problem while working with TimeAxis and NumericAxis.
    Currently I'm working with linechart.

    The xAxis implements (or uses?) CategoryAxis, and the yAxis implements...
  6. Hello all,

    Currently I'm working with linechart.
    Now my xAxis is CategoryAxis, and the yAxis is NumericAxis.
    But that xAxis should be TimeAxis to present better information.

    I set minimum and...
  7. Hello guys,

    It is solved now. The date of our data must be in range of minimum and maximum date :-)

    Thanks all,
  8. my xAxis works now!

    date and time must be in one field like:
    "datetime":"11/01/2010 00:00:00", val: 10

    and date format must be using slash (/) symbol, linechart won't display anything if date...
  9. First, thank you for replying :-)

    The previous format for date field was without dash (-) symbol. But I have added that symbol recently so now the line looks like this:...
  10. Hello all, I have one problem with extjs chart, actually linechart.

    My linechart are reading data from a json store. The jsonstore contains 3 fields; date, time, and val. So my data will simply...
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    I am facing the same problem.

    I have about 33 records in my store (JsonStore), but linechart only loads 12 of them.
    my xAxis is using CategoryAxis(xAxis: new Ext.chart.CategoryAxis). Actually I...
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