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    After even more debugging I've found, that elements in dom have completely different id numbers which means they're added in a different order. The icons element that in a non-build version is added...
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    I've found that assigning a normal js event handler works without any problems. Also I've thought that maybe delegation is the issue here, but no. Assigning any handler to 'this.element' doesn't...
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    Unfortunately this doesn't solve the problem, and events are still not fired in the built version :/ Moreover moving tpl from config to class properties ends in the icons not renederd at all.
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    I have a really simple app : . It consists of a view, which displays some links. After clicking each of them, a popup with target value appears. Everything works...
  5. Thanks for the reply ! Just two more things - you've said that a card layout is used, but in your app definition there is a 'fit' layout defined. So what is the best way to go - use cards, and switch...
  6. I have a quite simple mobile app I want to build with Sencha Touch 2. I have quite a lot of experience with ExtJs, but not really with their MVC architecture. What I want to achieve is :

    first a...
  7. Any updates on that ?
  8. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or this is by design, but how can I use the data returned from the server after updating a TreeStore's record ? Let's say I've modified my node name on the...
  9. I was investigating some bug that appeared after switching from 4.1.3 to 4.2 regarding Tree structures, and I've found this change in the source:


    registerNode : function(node,...
  10. This indeed solved my problem, together with a modified Ext.Loader configuration :

    // Ext.Loader.setConfig({
    // disableCaching : true,
    // enabled:true,
    // paths: {
    // ...
  11. In your java model you need to add another import :

    import org.codehaus.jackson.annotate.JsonProperty;

    and modify the getters :

    public String getName()...
  12. Any ideas how to return json with data where the fields are not lowercase ? Right now I'm getting my all my model properties written with lowercase which is a no go for me :/

    Sample :

  13. Any ideas how in the Java example return json with data where the fields are not lowercase ? Right now I'm getting my all my model properties written with lowercase which is a no go for me :/
  14. Do you have any tutorial how to set your examples running from scratch ?
  15. The whole force...I mean source :

    Ext.define('DEMO.controller.EmployeeList', {
    extend : '',

    models : [
  16. This is my folder structure :


    so this looks properly to me, but the error suggests some module finding problems.
  17. I have a really basic app utilizing ExtScheduler lib. The path to sources is added to sencha.cfg:

    app.classpath=${app.dir}/lib/Sch, ${app.dir}/app

    and the build/refresh/compile commands work...
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    I have basic application created with Cmd, with a single controller that has one view: 'ExtCalendar.view.Tree'. This view extends one of our classes ('Sch.panel.SchedulerTree') which is basically a...
  19. I have a TreePanel with some columns defined. One of them is a 'templatecolumn' which shows some colored div. Now I'd like to catch the event, when I'm moving between the columns using `TAB` button...
  20. What store are you using, how and where are you listening to the event ?
  21. I'm trying to create an Ext.Window with custom header. The header should render a template and add childEls. Unfortunately right now it throws 'container is undefined' error, so I'm probably doing...
  22. please mark this as an answered then.
  23. I'd say that you want to get this element before your menu was displayed or after it was destroyed. That's why this element doesn't exist in the dom. Try opening your menu, and then running this...
  24. and does document.getElementById(yourid) return you anything ?
  25. When setting `memory` type proxy for TreeStore all of the records still use `ajax` type.

    Simple vanilla case :

    Ext.define('Task', {
    extend: '',
    fields: [...
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