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  1. Anyone have any insight?
  2. Ah I found where the grid is configured in Ext.panel.Table,

    This at line 713,

    * Gets the view for this panel.
    * @return {Ext.view.Table}
    getView: function() {...
  3. So I am trying to implemented a grid feature that needs to listen to the grid reconfigure event,

    var grid = this.grid;

    reconfigure : function(grid, store) {
    // do...
  4. Ok thanks for the explanation.

    Getting back to my original caching is easy to disable on the loader, but then you have disable it on Ext.Ajax and each proxy. The each proxy part bothers me the...
  5. Hmm I am not seeing switching to ext-all.js (from ext-dev-all.js) disable the no caching param. Is that is what is suppose to happen?
  6. As far as I can tell to the extra extjs disable caching parameter, I have to do the following,

    Disable it on the loader,

    disableCaching: false

    Disable it...
  7. Can someone explain to me the relationship between the leading and trailing buffer configuration for the store backing the grid, and the same buffer configuration on the paging scroller?
  8. Thanks that is really helpful.

    Only thing I don't understand is why the configuration of the buffer is split across the store and the paging scroller and what the relationship is between them.
  9. Ah, yes I was using a store id string instead of of a store object, my bad. Once I corrected that it looks like it works as expected. Sorry about the false alarm.

    So I see that is documented in...
  10. So I am encountering a strange issue with my Grid, where it is making a high number of page requests to my backend.

    My store is configured with a page size of 50, and it is using the default...
  11. Thanks a lot, that was helpful.

    So in general should I be using managed listeners instead of ones I have to manually clean up?
  12. I've implemented a custom grid feature 'CommonMenuFeature' and assigned it the alias 'feature.commonmenu'. What I am seeing is that when I try to assign the features using,

    features: [ { ftype:...
  13. So the equivalent .on would be{
    update: me.onStoreUpdate,
    scope: me

    and me.view is unneeded because there is no managed...
  14. From the documentation,

    Shorthand for addManagedListener.
    Adds listeners to any Observable object (or Ext.Element) which are automatically removed when this Component is destroyed.
  15. If you create a grid with enableLocking: true, put a listener on the grid.reconfigure event and reconfigure the store on the grid, you should see store being passed into the event handler as a...
  16. Created a bug
  17. So I am seeing a really odd issue where lockable ('enableLocking: true') grids are firing reconfigure events with a string instead of a store object.

    The string itself is the correct store class,...
  18. Maybe it's because the property name doesn't match the name of the column.
  19. Thanks, don't know how I missed that in the documentation. That works like a charm.

    Only thing wrong with it is that it doesn't mark the column with the initial sort as being sorted, but that is a...
  20. Is it possible to set a default sort on a remote sorting store?

    A few threads I've encountered mention 'sortInfo' on the store, but I am not seeing that documented anywhere, and it doesn't seem to...
  21. If dataIndex is set to 0, this conditional will never be true,

    if (!me.sorting && oldSortState !== state && me.getSortParam()) {

    Line 753 in grid/Column.js

    The default...
  22. Hmm, I am not seeing the sort menu do anything client side. I don't see any requests being sent to the server and I don't see 'sortchange' being fired on my grid.

    Anyone have any idea what might...
  23. My ultimate goal is to have a grid with remote sorting, but this seems like it is supported by setting 'remoteSort: true' on the store backing the grid itself.

    My problem is once this is set and...
  24. I am seeing this under ExtJS 4.1.3

    Briefly looking at the source of the 4.2 Beta, it looks like it has the same issue.
  25. So I am seeing a really odd issue where lockable ('enableLocking: true') grids are firing reconfigure events with a string instead of a store object.

    The string itself is the correct store class,...
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