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  1. Yeppp! Everyone can check Kitchen Sink in 29th version of Chrome. Layout is totally broken.
  2. I've found a workaround. You just need to add:

    Ext.event.publisher.TouchGesture.prototype.isNotPreventable = /(?:)/;

    Forum thread:...
  3. Guys in Sencha, it's impossible to edit anything on iOS because of this bug. Cursor can be only on start of input and can't be positioned at the end. To edit user can only CLEAR all cantent in input...
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    I added this issue in Bugs:

    As I understand guys from Sencha something will change in 2.1.1.
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    Could you say when to wait this build?
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    Ext version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1

    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 23 (Windows)
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    I asked two of my colleages test it on iPod (4th Gen) and both pointed that list in ST 2.0.1 is obviously smoother.

    I thought that it's only our problem. But according the following post of user...
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    Hi, everyone!
    Has anybody solved the problem in ST 2.1 on iOS (or even on Android) pointed in subj? After upgrading to version 2.1 I noticed that on iOS list twitches/flickers during the scrolling....
  9. Unfortunately, this trick doesn't change situation on iOS. List still twitches even on small data. :(
  10. Guys, has anybody tried to turn on graphic acceleration for iOS 6? It seems like Sencha guys forgot to do it. Apple has changed conditions of turning on this important thing:...
  11. I confirm that flickering during scrolling it is in ST 2.1. Even on all types of iOS devices and it's noticable and annoying!!! It worked great there, much smoothly in ST 2.0.1 but now it looks...
  12. I need this fix too. Are there any solution?
  13. I have the same problem. My Sencha app works fine in all web-kit browsers on Android, works great in iOS Safari, but shows nothing in new Chrome on iOS. Only blank page. Am I alone with this problem?
  14. [COLOR=#444444][FONT=Helvetica]
    But how hyperlinks are related with zooming? For example, I want to use <a> but I don't need zooming on HTC by double tap. How to solve it?
  15. Hi everyone!
    I'm trying to figure out how to make better animation for Android (on iOS all works as usually fine). For example, I started to use Ext.Animator instead of Ext.Anim and my code is:

  16. Native browser.
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    Jacky Nguyen, could you post some examples of optimizing? I have the same problems using ST 2.
  18. Is there any solution to increase speed of scroll in list on Android? May be some tricks to optimize it... It works great on iOS but not on Android, unfortunately.
  19. Has anybody idea how to do it? And is it Ok to use
  20. And we almost did it. We are successfully adding new controllers, views and model from server, using AJAX. Here is the code: = function(classPath,...
  21. I can't understand how to catch the moment when user taps on Caps lock/Shift key on iPad/iPhone. 'Keyup' doesn't fire at that moment at all. How?
  22. I try to do that using Ext.query but I get an Dom exception.


    And I get an 'Error: SYNTAX_ERR: DOM Exception 12' message. What do I do...
  23. You see, our main idea is to give our customers a tool where they can change the view of their mobile pages as they want (to add new field, to hide some controls, etc.), that's why Sencha's static...
  24. The question is in the topic. I'm trying to do it in Sencha Touch 2.0 according to solution in ExtJS 4 (,...
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    Guys, this approach doesn't work in Sencha Touch 2.0. My code is absolutely the similar: = function(classPath, config) {
    var self = this,
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