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    Is there an Ext GWT widget to display HTML in a scrollable/resizable pane?
  2. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean, can you elaborate a little on that?

    Incidentally I ran across the "wicket-ext" project here:
  3. Thanks for your quick responses, Pedro.

    I'm puzzled though. Suppose you - say - have two tree components on the same page. Then, say you want to click on the leaf of one tree to send data to Java...
  4. (Quick parenthetical note: This quick reply does NOT work with Google Chrome on OS X. FYI anyone listening at Ext JS)

    Another question. Does DJN or perhaps more broadly ExtDirect, directly support...
  5. Pedro - there have been a few Wicket questions on this board but I didn't see any specifically addressing these questions: Have you tried - or do you know of those who have tried - to integrate DJN...
  6. I've just started to take a look at Ext Designer and tried to move a container (which ended up moving a tree inside a container.) I looked for Undo - and couldn't find it.

    Is there really no Undo...
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