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    Are you using firebug? I leaned the format by watching the network traffic. The documentation can be a tad bit confusing at times.
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    Have you included ux/fileuploadfield/FileUploadField.js?

    I pasted your example in to a test file and it seems to work fine. Are you using firebug to examine the post? Might want to start with...
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    It's your win.close() that is causing the problem. Try commenting it out or moving it to your siccess function. Form submits are of course async operations and you are trying to close things down...
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    Pretty nice but:

    1. Under Windows 7, Firefox 3.6 the Create Database prompt for name field height is very tiny. Can't see what you are typing.

    2. When creating a query, the tab key does not...
  5. fields: ['Schuljahr'],


    And mode needs to be remote to trigger the load. Install firebug so you can see what is happening bewteen the client and the server. I know...
  6. Thanks. Kind of hope that when the class is refactored, a regular failure will no longer be an exception. Be nice to have the same sort of success/failure handlers that forms do.

    But at least it...
  7. Any chance of posting the fix here for those of us without svn access? Just like to see the approach taken so my code does not diverge too much from the master code.

  8. That is exactly what you need to do with the current implementation. Send back the exact same records (except for adding the id) in the exact same order. The document on Ext.Direct explains this.
  9. You are creating a new record so of course it does not have an id. It's the server's job to actually create the record in your database (or whatever), assign it a id and then send the id back to the...
  10. Check your syntax elsewhere in your code. I pasted what you posted directly inside of an onReady block and it seemed to work.

    The 'this' in your error message is suspicious. Are you nesting...
  11. I did but unfortunately various DirectStore issues were not addressed. Very sad but hope springs eternal for the next release.
  12. Take a look at my post #15. Store loading works fine without any patches. It's only updating/creating that has problems. Your response seems to be lacking a success property and a count:

  13. This is kind of suspicious:
    directFn: $curriculum.getC,

    Are you getting any server responses at all? What happens when you set a breakpoint in the onWrite method?

    Syntax aside, I avoid...
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    As far as I can tell, ignoring the successProperty is a feature not a bug.
  15. Yes it will still work in your case. Readers always have metaData either from the server or from config options. The internals don't care about the source. Try it. You'll like it.
  16. I realize it is a dup but every time we try to get it fixed we get told to either post a bug report or generate some sort of test case. Very frustrating that something so simple has made it through...
  17. DirectProxy.onWrite always fires the store's write event even if the server indicates the write was a failure.

    Current code:

    onWrite : function(action, trans, result, res, rs) {
  18. I think the fix is trivial:

    onWrite : function(action, trans, result, res, rs)
    var data =...
  19. The problem is not with the initial loading, the problem is with reading the results of creating a record. Fire off an AddUser method and you will see it. I posted an example last week on this.
  20. Ask yourself the question: How does the server know which record to update? If you change the primary key then the server has no way to know which record needs to be updated.
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    I don't see anything obviously wrong with what you posted.
    Make a simple form with just a regular text field and make sure it posts ok. Then add to it. It's strange that the failure handler is...
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    Not unless you want to. Press F12 to start firebug. Make sure you have the latest versions. No reason it should not work under ubuntu that I know of.

    Debugging AJAX without something like...
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    You need to wait until the store is finished loading:

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    What does firebug show for the request/responses?
  25. Exactly. Why develop two independent means of sending records back and forth between the server. Would have been much more efficient to have one way of dealing with flat records. So I wonder why...
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