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    You raise lots of good points.

    FYI I am not an Ext employee, nor am I contracted by them. I am a sole trader.

    I use GXT in a web application and I am try to help Darrell make GXT better.
  2. yes - I run my webapp in tomcat and use mod_proxy to connect apache to tomcat.
  3. Yeah, they should configure their apache server to use mod_deflate.

    This would would compress the 570k .cache.html file down to around 170k
  4. a) I am suggesting simple getters/setters. the assertion code will be stripped by the GWT compiler, however it it a great development tool to fail fast when you are doing the wong thing.

    b) I...
  5. I don't mind using public fields, however this breaks encapsulation and makes it more difficult to evolve the API.

    I don't like the idea of a setter prefix.

    I vote for using protected (or...
  6. Ext GWT requires GWT 1.5

    GWT 1.5 milestone 2 was released recently, and they are getting closeer to a final release.
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