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  1. Is there any way to retrieve the data even if the server cant provide cors support?
    Currently our server team said their tool cant allow to enable cors support..
  2. I am getting a warning and an error in the console window of chrome.
    what it mean by these?

    warn : [WARN][] Unable to match the record that came back from the server.
  3. Do you mean minWidth and minHeight?

    I have given the height as 476.
    if not Where to give the height in the architect?
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    I am using an AjaxProxy and a xml reader to the store and using a list to display it.
    I can see the output on the editor design window but its not visible in the browser while previewing it.
  5. Hi,

    I am using a List to display the elements from a Store., The contents are getting loaded and are visible in the Design area. When i check for preview in a browser its not visible., I can see...
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    I am getting the error as [WARN][MyApp.view.MovieList#applyStore] The specified Store cannot be found when trying to access an XML store.,
    I am using the same structure as used in the...
  7. How to access the store from another function?

    var myStore ='movieDB');
    - movieDB is the idProperty of myXMLReader.
    - my Url is given in the Url field of MyAjaxProxy.
  8. Hi,

    How to retrieve the URL from the xml Reader., I have a Store, an AjaxProxy and an Xml reader., I want to append a string at the end of the URL.

  9. Do u have any example for Fb integration.?
    I am finding hard time in customizing the UI., Is there any way to center the image given in the image view and to adjust it to the resolution!?
  10. Hi,
    I am new to Sencha Architect 2, I am planning to integrate Facebook login to the user to log in to my app. How to do i integrate FB login, i have found some example but wasn't well enough.
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