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    Do you mean to use these combo boxes as grid editors?

    You would achieve it the same way as you do externally from a grid, just setting each of those combo's as a cell editor. Now, having said...
  2. Ext GWT you write in java, which renders into javascript.

    Ext Js is written in javascript natively.
  3. Scrolling grids is a tricky situation, since the scroll bars are included in a different element than the grid itself is rendered in. Then you also have the issue of determining where the...
  4. Can you provide some code that's throwing the errors? in particular, your stack traces point to 2 issues
    (appEngine on)
    (appEngine off)
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    Alternately, you might want to consider using a "popupPanel" instead of a messagebox, as it sounds like you really dont want the functionality that a messagebox provides.
  6. You probably could by extending the XTemplate class, but I dont know enough about that code to help you, sorry. :-/

    For now, If you have it working with an extension to the get method, I'd leave...
  7. A very quick and (very) dirty example of how you might override the "get" method on the name property would be this:

    public <X> X get(String property)
  8. A code snippet of where you are actually using your extended class might help, I'm a bit confused about how you are invoking it.

    Something to think about:
    BaseModelData stores it's properties as...
  9. A 404 could mean a couple different things:

    first, it could mean that your @RemoteServiceRelativePath() (which should be set on your service interface) is set incorrectly, causing your code to...
  10. If I understand your question, you are asking how to invoke a method where you dont necessarily know the method name at runtime, correct?

    Try out the following code:

    Method getter=...
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    from java.awt.toolkit:

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    gaspo100's way would be the cleanest way of handling this issue. If you dont have access to the database to create a table, you could use a singleton instance of a new class as well, holding a...
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    I assume you have your content within a ContentPanel or something similar (which is a subclass of scroll container).

    In this case, try out ContentPanel.el().setScrollTop(0);
  14. Ah, excellent. Thank you for your help, that gives me a direction to pursue!
  15. When using the loader, the resultset retrieved from the server is the same as the one using the Load Listener, perhaps I'm not understanding the question? I do not have the loader set to remotely...
  16. I'm having an issue with the TypeAhead setting of a GXT ComboBox when the underlying ListStore<BeanModel> is built using a BaseListLoader. Namely: No matter what the user Types, the topmost value in...
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