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  1. Hi,
    Are there any good examples which demonstrates CRUD operation using REST proxy with RESTful services?

    Few use-cases like (IPad App using ST 2.0):

    1. When application gets loaded it shall...
  2. Hi,
    Kindly help me out!!! I want to a view like gmail app. How to achieve that?
    I want to use this view instead of Segmented button. Suppose if I have three tabs on IPad App.
    Instead of 3 tabs, I...
  3. Thanks. You mean to say once users logs in, and about to land up in the internal dashboard during that time itself to initialize the accessible sub app?

    How to navigate from login page to...
  4. Hi,

    I have almost completed first phase of the IPad app development as POC with the static data on store. Later I will integrate with REST services on completion of the second phase.

    Thanks a...
  5. Hi ,
    I am using ST 2.0.0 version
    I want to have List View component in tpl/ XTemplate.
    I want to wrap it by div tag. How can I do it using ST2?
    Any example is there?
  6. Hi,
    I have doubt like suppose if we distribute the app in app store the user install it and the user uses and perform some CUD operation on the initial 25( may be < 25 list items)loaded list items...
  7. Hi,
    Suppose, in IPad on the LHS list when the application gets initialized I invoke GET Request to access the resources returns me in JSON format; so all of the data for the list in the...
  8. Hi,
    Thanks a alot.
    I have few doubts on native packaging of ST2

    1. As in demo it has been told that if we use native package in iOS/Android , the difference is we can access the app in airline...
  9. Thanks a lot. So while designing the User Interface with ST2 component we need to take care about it; to perform better.right? Normally, I saw the benchmark testing on ST2 release that ST2 is faster...
  10. Hi,
    I went through some threads and realized the problem. So its resolved now and working.
    But I observed few things, as I am using IPad 1st generation(iOS version 5.1) for my development. The...
  11. Below code is

    Ext.application({ name: 'PECMobile',
    requires: [
  12. Hi,

    initialize: function(){ console.log('initialize-1');
    var heightList = Ext.Viewport.getWindowHeight();
    var orienDevice = Ext.Viewport.getOrientation();
    var topValue =...
  13. Replies
    Hi ,
    I want to show the list component in the floating panel, which is working fine.
    But I need help in few things:

    1. I want to adjust the height of the floating panel depending orientation of...
  14. Thanks alot.
    I am trying to do as mentioned below


    Is this the correct way?
  15. Hi,
    How can I achieve Pinch in/ Pinch out i.e Zoom in/ Zoom out in html content in ST2?
    Not any single element but through out the app.. Any example please :-/
  16. Thanks a lot.
    In ST2, for Collapse/Expand Panel other than Accordion Layout, is there any other way to achieve the same? If any, example?
  17. Hi,
    How can we make list view in horizontal mode like carousal in sencha touch 2? :-/
    Any example?
  18. Modal :

    Ext.define("GS.model.CostModal", {
    extend: '',

    config: {

  19. Thanks...
  20. Hi,
    Thanks for you quick response.
    Till now I have tested only in browsers of Desktop(browser: Safari, Chrome and Maxthon). and IPad (Safari) in both the cases the data are getting lost; once I...
  21. Hi,
    I have used as below given:
    store.filter('status', 'Review');

    But still its happening the same thing.. When I refreshes or...
  22. I did it.. Its working now.. Thanks .. but my doubt is.. But once I refresh or reload the app; the data which I have updated it goes away.. Why?
  23. Hi,
    I have a requirement , sencha touch 2 app should be accessible at IPad/IPhone/Desktop web browser?
    So I need to deploy it on application server?
    As we are into now beta version of our app...
  24. Hi,
    I have a store as

    Ext.define("", {
    extend: '',

    config: {
  25. Thanks for your quick response.
    Do you any example related to this?
    One more thing,
    I have a Main panel where I used card layout with animation slide, direction left and items in the Main Panel...
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