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    Ext.defer(Ext.create, 1, this, [cfg.xtype, cfg]);

    Hi, where should i insert the defer function to render properly a button in my sencha touch 2 template?
    I tried in the paint event but it is...
  2. The test case (model, store and json called by my app.js):

    Ext.define('HelloWorld.model.ListaMod', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
    fields: [{
  3. Hi and thank you for the response.
    I tried to use jsonp proxy and i still have this strange behaviour (so it is not ajax related):
    Here i have the proxy of my store:
    proxy: {
  4. Hi,
    if i use sencha-touch-all-debug.js (for android 4.04 purpose, i have no problem in ios 5.1) instead of senche-touch-debug.js one of my ajax proxy doesnt work and the other is ok (same ajax -...
  5. Thank you Mitchell !
    I was creating the back button outside carousel, i just moved it inside initialize function and now the class works as intended.
  6. This is the class (i deleted listeners and some items and still get the error) im trying with :

    Ext.define('HelloWorld.Modella1', {
    extend: 'Ext.Carousel',
    id: 'modella1',
  7. Sorry, i made a typo in the last reply, my bad, in the first post i wrote it correctly:
    Ext.Viewport.add(new HelloWorld.Modella1()) // this gives the error the second time it is executed
    If the...
  8. It is a carousel class :

    var my model = new HelloWorld.Modella1(); // it's ok

    Ext.define('HelloWorld.Modella1', {
    extend: 'Ext.Carousel',
    cls: 'carmod1',
    alias: 'widget.modella1', ...
  9. Hi Mitchell,
    thank you for the response.
    I would like to create a new instance but as soon as i destroy the first a cant create a new one.
    Ext.Viewport.add(HelloWorld.Modella1().show) //...
  10. Hi all,
    i define the carosuel this way :

    Ext.define('HelloWorld.Modella1', {
    extend: 'Ext.Carousel',
    cls: 'carmod1',
    alias: 'widget.modella1',
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