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    not working with extjs anymore, but maybe i can get you a little help tho ;)

    // prototype new onLaunch, where we dispatch the action which was called
    controller.onLaunch = function(app) {
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    I know that there is also the availablity of maintenance and newer versions.
    On the one hand, i can only upgrade to newer version, if my code is running the same way as it did before updating (see...
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    Hey people,

    im writing this because im really disappointed of the support that sencha provides to paying customers.
    I just brought the simple package, so i can at least get 4 "professional"...
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    pretty nice, thx
  5. Hey,

    ive notice that the useSimpleAccessors property for readers doesnt work properly.

    My case:
    Ive got an api rest call which results in the following data

    metaData: {
  6. Right now, its a problem from php itself.
    If u send a json request to a php file, there is no value in $_POST either $_REQUEST.

    But there is a way to get these values.

    $sRawData = null;...
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    No its doesnt.
    MVC = Model View Controller, there is nothing about the stores.
    So u have your models (user,pet) your view (container with tabs) and your controller -> no violation.

    If you create...
  8. The .select() method of the ComboBox should fire the select event.

    Sor for API changes:

    select( Object r, Boolean silent ) : void
    Selects an item by a Model, or by a key value. The silent...
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    I think u are trying to approach this with the wrong attention.
    Because u dont know how many users u will get, u dont know the actual url to get the users pets.

    But what u know is HOW the model...
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    i have updated a few things, so that the init/onLaunch/action behavoiur is doing the same, as when u are binding the controller in ur application directly.

    If put some comments into the code,...
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    no, what u have done, is you have capsuled the iframe in a div tag.
    to shim an iframe you have to use the css absolute and z-index positioning of elements "over" the iframe.

    Basicly like this:
  12. All items inside the Viewport are by default Ext.panel.Panel.
    In ur case, its a 'index' xtype.
    Just give them an unique id then u can get them using


    or better, u can then...
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    i think what evant meant, was that u have to overlay the iframe with an div of same size/position as the iframe, with a zero opacity.

    That is because when i hover with ur mouse over the iframe,...
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    u dont have to initiate them.
    the .getController() method from application will automaticly ask the Loader to load the specific file if the class isnt defined yet.
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    For this i took the old Ext.util.Router / Route from Beta2.

    / enable loader
    paths: {
    'Util': 'app/util',
    'Ext.ux': 'app/ux/plugin',
  16. Hey... ive noticed some weird animation in some charts where i hide the series using the legend.

    How can i the chart of extjs doing the same animation as, for example, those of highcharts?

    As a...
  17. Given the following code, with some random values in store:

    xtype: 'chart',
    animate: true,
    shadow: true,
    store: 'Empty',
    legend: {
    position: 'bottom'
  18. Try this one

    Ext.util.History.on('change', this.HandleHistoryChange, this);
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    Docu Ext.ModelManager:

    getModel( String/Object id) : void
    Returns the for a given model name

    id : String/Object
    The id of the model or the model instance.
  20. Hey,

    i have added a grouping feature to a Grid with enableGroupingMenu: false.
    If i try to manually deaktivate the feature, ive getting an error that the groupingMenuItem is undefined.

  21. Tbh, there is a way to achieve this.
    But its hard to get to, because to dont have any methods according to do this.

    Right now u have to get under the hood of the chart, and manipulating every...
  22. It would be awesome when there where some kind of default behaviour for axes and series inside a chart.

    This could happen nearly the same way as it is on every container component.

    So basicly u...
  23. No one any idea?
    It seems that there is a 'headerclick' event registered to the HeaderContainer of the grid.
    When i apply a listener to it, it isnt fired at all.

    listeners: {
  24. Hey ppl,

    i saw some codelines for extjs3.x and there was a way to add a listener to a grid for 'headerclick'.
    Is there a way to do the same with 4.x?

    Cos 'headerclick' doesnt work anymore.
  25. Hey guys,

    ive notices some misplacement of the scrollbar for GridPanel Component.

    Currently for me it occures in ie9, chrome10, firefox4

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var myData = [
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