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  1. Thansk, i indeed tried with Null values for other points but when i redraw the chart i reach an error :

    java.lang.NullPointerException: null
  2. Hi,

    I wish to know how (if it is possible) to hide some points of a series.
    Ex : i want to hide all points of a scatter series which has a 0 value.(here bordered in blue)40849

    Thanks !
  3. Hi, any news about this cool feature ?
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    I got the same issue, even when i refresh the container of the tabPanel. :-?

    Edit : I fix it using setSelection method.
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    Thanks, I know this component, but what i'm looking for is something like this one :

    Especially the cell selection system
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    Hi everyone,
    I saw a component in Ext-js which can react as a Excel grid (copy paste on columns etc...), do we have a similar Grid in GXT ? :-?
    (I'm interested by copy/paste data on a cells...
  7. Hi, i'm not sure i'm in the right place to ask that : I need to perform a wait in javascript through a PrintWriter.
    Here my problematic : i have a link which redirect the user to an application,...
  8. Thanks, i have inspected with firebug and do some test.
    Results :
    - I had to set an AutoWidth to true for children panels (it display well when windows is resized), and set a fixed width for the...
  9. Hi,

    I have an issue on Firefox and Chrome (it works fine on IE6... strange !), i load a panel and all things out of the window screen is not displayed and i don't even have a scrollbar (even with...
  10. Thanks a lot, i'll try that !

    Edit : It works, thanks Sven and Michel.
  11. Ok but i don't see where I can overload it, and how ?
    I have not a call of the Date_CustomFieldSerializer (i guess it's done through gwt.rpc), so i can't find where i could overload that.

    PS : I...
  12. Ok, do you mean doing that ?

    public class GenDealModelDto extends BaseModelData implements Serializer {

    /* constructor... getters & setters of some date attributes */

    public void...
  13. Thanks, i dig into it, and find that could be solve my problem :

    * Custom field serializer for {@link java.util.Date}.
    public final class Date_CustomFieldSerializer {

  14. Can't I force the client side to use a specific TimeZone ?
    (with DateTimeFormat.getFormat(...) or something ?)
  15. Hi,

    I faced an issue with dates, we have deployed an application on a Paris' server, and the user is based in London (so we have a gap of an hour). When the user displays date recovered in...
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    Thanks Sven ! I will try that :)

    Edit : It works, thanks for your great support.
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    Hi everyone,

    I still have a problem with progress bar (MessageBox.wait(...)), i want to display a progress bar while i'm building a formulary and then displaying it.

    But, the MessageBox...
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    Hi, I also need some help about that. My charts still invisible in hosted mode, by GWT_HOME what to you mean ?
  19. Hi, do you find the solution to invalidate the field ?
  20. The problem is, even if i remove the wait.close() the messageBox appeared once my Pop up have been instanciate and displayed....
    For exemple i also try this :

  21. Hi,

    I'm trying to show a MessageBox.wait() while i'm building a pop-up, through a toolButton. I use GXT 2.1.1, and GWT 1.7

    ToolButton.addListener(Events.Select, new Listener<BaseEvent>(){...
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    It seems (since the 2.1.1) that when a fieldSet is collapsed before the component has been displayed then the contents of the fieldSet does not appeared. In the gxt 2.0.1 i can't reproduce that....
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    Here the code will automatically call a pop-up to ask the user if he really wants to close the windows (you must impletement a return statement in the "onWindonwClosing" method), you don't need to...
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    Does your code close the pop-up but not the "parent" window ?
    Maybe you should try to close the parent a the same time you close the pop up (in red in the code) :

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    well, to summarize, you want a window with a pop up and when you click on the the pop-up's button "ok" it closes the pop-up AND the window ?
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